3 Keys for Parenting a Peaceful Generation

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momanddaughterBeing a mom of three little Angels who are completely different to the child I used to be led my path to a wonderful discovery of the new generations who are now living among us. World is changing really fast and we all can notice that on how technology changes every day, on the new education systems emerging, and on many other things that are part of our daily lives.

While being in the spiritual path I have met many different people who are living experiences that have brought big lessons and challenges to them, but the main reason for this is just to help our spirits to grow and to receive the new energy coming to planet Earth, helping to rise its vibration.

One of the most common questions or challenges that I can see on parents nowadays is that they don’t know how to connect with their kids; the key to conscious parenting and to having a good relationship with them, to understand and support them is to recognize their souls, to know who they really are, what are they trying to tell us, and what are their missions (missions that can be totally opposite to their parents’ “dream” of who they need them to be).

Conscious Parenting Key #1 – Connect with them
The first thing you need to know is that they are a completely separate world from you! Yes, you are just a parent, the caregiver who accept to be on charge of those souls until they can grow up and make their own decisions and take their own responsibilities… Of course, we will be there for them our whole lives, but we need to RESPECT and support their own decisions since they are here for a purpose. But how can we guide them in order to not let them take the wrong way? Well, we can just “guide” them, not impose our ideas or make decisions for them; we can advise accordingly with our experiences or knowledge, but we need to be open to understand those souls are here to grow and learn, to make mistakes too and overpass them in order to let their spirits grow.

Conscious Parenting Key #2 – Teach them LOVE
The second thing you need to do with those souls is to teach them LOVE! But not love as men or women, LOVE as a unity, as the base of everything that exists; when you teach them LOVE you are teaching them compassion, kindness, respect, and they will have the ability to make the best decisions for their lives even though they are going through their hardest ages as teenagers.

Conscious Parenting Key #3 – The Universal Laws
A third point that you need to have in mind is to teach them the basic principles of life: The Universal Laws! Yes, if they learn at their early years how the Universe operates and works, they will choose for sure the best for them and for everyone involved in their lives. Teaching them about energy, attraction, karma, will give them the right foundation to grow in a healthy and supportive environment.

Practicing these simple steps will turn your life and the life of your family in a peaceful environment where all of you will respect and love each other.

being called mom is my greatest blessing

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