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There are a lot of studies out there telling us that women (and men) are not as happy as they used to be –– Women’s Happiness, in particular, has been in a steady decline since 1972, both relative to where they were 40 years ago, and relative to men.

This is no surprise to me, because I’ve been hearing the same thing from clients and women who attend my workshops for years.

Research suggests that one of the culprits deflating our happiness bubble is our ability to lead two lives (as a mother or partner at home, and businesswoman or entrepreneur out in the world). We are doing more, have more expectations, and more areas of life in which to strive for satisfaction –– and to try to keep up with and find a balance in.

I’ve experienced this firsthand in my own life. And, through my work, I’ve heard from thousands of women across the globe who face the same struggle.

What happens is that the life we’re living is out of alignment, because we are pulled in so many different directions and striving for so many different things.

s2It’s great to have these desires and goals –– studies show that working toward meaningful life goals is one of the most important strategies happy people utilize.

But, sometimes we’re not going about our striving in ways that are beneficial to our well-being, or we don’t see that there may be a better way to manifest what we desire.

Here is an audio clip from one of my workshops, in which I share how I quite recently found my own way toward a better balance — achieving greater fulfillment and a clearer path for my life:

Listen to 3-Minute Audio >> Clip from “Wielding Your Authentic Power and Walking Your Talk in the World” Session

I’ll be delving much deeper into how you can find more meaning and deep fulfillment in your life –– and truly feel that inner glow of soul satisfaction –– in my upcoming 8-week course, The Path to Feminine Fulfillment, which starts July 1.

This is such important work. I have seen powerful transformations in the lives of women (and men) who have attended my workshops when they truly learn how to strike a balance between their feminine and masculine sides.

And, when we discover and understand what is stopping us from finding and FEELING true fulfillment in our lives (one that includes all of who we are), we can begin to experience the joy we crave –– and that each and every one of us deserves.

With love,
Devaa Haley Mitchell

PS – I just want to remind you that if you sign up to join me on this powerful journey into the most fulfilled YOU before midnight on June 24, you’ll get the following extra bonus:

“7 Wonders of the Soul: Harnessing the Power of the Chakras” Audio Session with Anodea Judith

In this special session, bestselling author and international workshop presenter, Anodea Judith, shares these powerful soul-centering practices:

  • How to bring your chakras into better alignment so you feel energized all day long.
  • Fast and easy methods for grounding your energy, so you feel less overwhelmed and more present in your life
  • How to diagnose excess or deficiency in each chakra, so you can bring your body into greater ease and balance
  • How to open the Inner Temple to deeply access your core Self

This special audio session will give you a great sense of calm and grounded in preparation for taking The Path of Feminine Fulfillment course.

PPS – One other thing: You can ask me your deeper questions about feminine fulfillment LIVE this Tuesday, June 24, at 6:00pm Pacific during my FREE Q&A session.

Here are the call-in details:

Q&A call-in details:

I do hope you’ll join me on this truly transformational journey into a more fulfilled and joyous YOU.



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