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workingmom1Whether you are a new mom just heading back to the work force or a mom that has been back for years, you probably have found that it’s difficult to balance your work and home life. Finding ways to fit in all the things you have to do while still being able to enjoy all the things you want to do isn’t easy.

However, there are ways you can reduce the time you spend tackling things on your to-do list.

With the help of these 80 blogs you’ll find you have more time during the evenings, you’re better dressed during the day and you and your family are happy and healthy.

Meal Preparation

After a long day at work the last thing you probably want to do is stand over a hot stove and fix dinner, especially on the nights that one or more people in the house have evening activities to attend. While ordering a pizza or swinging through the drive-thru may seem like the most efficient way to get everyone fed, you can actually save both time and money by fixing up a quick meal at home. These 10 blogs are stocked full of ideas for quick, easy, healthy dinners that you can get on the table in no time on even the craziest of nights.

Choosing Childcare

Deciding who is going to take care of your child is not something you should take lightly. After all, whoever you decide on will be spending eight to 10 hours a day with your child. Before making a decision, consider your unique family situation and what kind of childcare would work best for you. If you want your child to spend his days with kids his age, daycare might be the best option. However, if you want your child to have one-on-one attention throughout the day, you might consider hiring a nanny. Take a look at these 10 blogs for tips on what to look for as you investigate different childcare options.


When it comes to priorities, moms often find that their own hover somewhere near the bottom of the list. However, while you’re busy taking care of everyone else, who’s taking care of you? It’s important to exercise some self-care as you go through your days, and these 10 blogs can help you find the time to take care of yourself. You’ll find that once you start making time for you, you’re able to better take care of everyone else.

Breastfeeding Tips

Choosing to continue breastfeeding once you go back to work is something that is both admirable and difficult to accomplish. Before you go on maternity leave, talk to your Human Resources department to find out the logistics of pumping at work. You’ll want to plan ahead in the weeks prior to going back to work by shifting the baby’s feeding schedule to one that will match the times you are able to pump. For more tips on breastfeeding after going back to work, read these 10 blogs.

Versatile Wardrobe

You’ll likely notice that your body has gone through some changes after giving birth. Even after you’ve lost the baby weight, it’s unlikely that your body will go back to being exactly the same as it was pre-baby. To compensate for this, you may find you need a new wardrobe. For ideas on how to put together a kid-friendly wardrobe, check out these 10 blog posts.

Travel Tips

Not every working mom has to travel for work, but many do from time to time. Being separated from your child for even a few days can be emotionally stressful for you and your child. There are ways to prepare both you and your child for a trip, though, even if you are still breastfeeding. If your kids are older, involve them in the planning and packing for the trip. Plan something fun for them to do while you’re away. These 10 blogs will share more tips on how to travel for work while the kids stay home.


Being organized can help you streamline your life, whether you are a working mom or not. However, for working moms, organization can help you get everything done and reduce the stress on everyone. Utilize the many apps that are available for your smart phone to help keep track of appointments and other commitments. Do as much preparation as you can the night before to reduce morning stress. Find these and other organizational ideas for working moms in the following 10 blogs.


Face it; most people don’t relish the idea of doing housework. It’s one of those necessary evils of life. The trick is to make it as painless as possible for all involved. Find ways to save time and still get everything done by reading through the tips on these 10 blogs.

Thanks to Maria Wells

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