4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Healthy Experiences

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Valentines Day background with  copy space. Soft Pink Paper Heart and beautiful ribbon on wooden rustic . Love concept in retro style. Valentines DayThink Valentine’s Day is all about giving chocolates and a big night out for dinner? Then it might be surprising to learn that 82 percent of people polled in an eHarmony survey said they consider February 14th as a special day to have an “experience” with their loved one instead of receiving candies and chocolates. With our suggestions you can skip the crowds and create a night to remember with healthy experiences.

1. Give a sense-evoking reminder of romance.

Your girlfriend really does love gifts, but she probably doesn’t want to snack on chocolate for weeks to come. What about a Valentine’s Day gift basket that features a symbol of the love you share with one another?

Think about gifting her crystal love doves that she can display as a visual reminder at her desk or bedside, or a favorite perfume that will make her think of you every time she sprays it on.

2. Plan a night of candle-lit yoga plus.

Instead of stressing over securing a restaurant reservation, plan a night of romantic yoga. Call your favorite yoga studio to inquire if it offers private lessons. When you hear “yes we do,” put the planning process in action.

val 2Ask the yoga studio if it can create a candlelit session for the two of you.

Some studios already advertise candlelight yoga, but you’ll have to ask if you can schedule a private lesson. You can surprise your loved one by gifting her with a new colorful yoga mat from Yoga Direct and a yoga membership just before the class begins.

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3. Create a DIY gift centered on a fun day out.

If your loved one has an adventurous spirit, plan a scenic hike for Valentine’s Day. You can make it fun by gifting a back pack full of hiking necessities and having your loved one “guess” what you’ll be up to upon opening it.

Here’s what to include:

  • Fuzzy socks, gloves and a hat
  • New hiking boots
  • Healthy protein bars
  • Small bottles of water
  • Thermos of hot water or milk
  • Tea or hot chocolate to enjoy on the hike

REI is the perfect resource to find these supplies and a lightweight, festive pack to gift the items in.

4. Schedule an at-home game night and healthy eats.

For busy couples who might not get to see one another as much as they’d like, game night is a healthy way to exchange good stories and surely a few laughs. Set up “stations” around the house that feature games that will bring out the silly in the two of you.

val 3Photo by RobotSkirts via Flickr

Turn your dining room and living room into an indoor croquet course
Set up mini-bowling in the kitchen
Hang a Velcro dart board in the entry hallway
Lay out a human-size tic-tac-toe board

Brookstone offers larger-than-life games that are already presented in cool gift boxes ready to give. For post-game dining, opt for healthy but flavorful snacks. Create a cheese and fruit plate and cap off the night by splitting a glass or two of wine.

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