Teaching Manners to Your Kids, 15 Blogs to Help!


goodmannersA few decades ago, children were expected to be seen and not heard. They were taught to be polite and always exhibit good manners. As the years have passed, however, it seems these values have become less important. Are these ideas old fashioned now?  Not according to these 15 blogs. Using proper manners is a sign of respect, and a way for children to show that they care about other people’s feelings. Kids aren’t born knowing good manners, though. They have to be taught them, usually from a young age. Read through these 15 blog articles to learn how to teach your child manners and why it’s important to their futures that they learn them.

Never too Young

When children are too young to speak, their parents will sometimes teach them baby sign language. This allows the child to ask for something to eat or drink before he is able to form the words. You can also teach children the sign language for please and thank you. As your toddler gets older and is able to verbalize, you can teach him additional manners. Children are never too young to start learning good manners, and these five blogs will explain how you can teach them to behave politely and show respect to others.

Modeling is Key

Children absorb knowledge readily, often being compared to little sponges. When it comes to manners, you need to make sure that they are absorbing good manners from you. Lead by example by complimenting others and doing little things like holding the door open for people. Your kids will learn the same mannerisms by watching you act politely toward others in your daily life.  These five blogs will explain further how important modeling good manners is to training your kids to be polite.

Why Manners are Important

How your child acts is a reflection on you as a parent. By teaching your child manners from an early age you won’t have to worry about socially unacceptable behavior. As your child gets older and begins to interact more with others, he will see that being polite gets him further in life than being rude. Using good manners show that you care about the feelings of people. These five blogs will explain further about why manners are important.

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