Perseverence does not mean one won’t fall!

Perserverence does not mean one won’t fall;

it simply means that you will pick yourself up and try again!


Perseverance doesn’t mean we don’t fall down, make mistakes or have missteps.

On the contrary, perseverance means that no matter what, we keep going. I have bad days, get moody, and feel down. But the important thing is to know that it doesn’t last.

But even more disappointing than a short amount of time where you’re “off your game” is a significant setback, derailment or disappointment. I know that in this economy many have lost their jobs (including several personal friends). I have been through divorces and breakups of other close friends (at least one that was very messy and incredibly painful). And I know what it means to lose parents and other loved ones.

And yet…the idea of perseverance is *knowing* that things won’t always be easy and preparing for it (at least mentally). Of course, this is easier said than done. When things are truly terrible, there are times you simply don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

So you have to build that support system around you when times are good. You want to know who you are when you’re up, so that you can draw on the reserves you know you have when you’re down. Having a mindset that is open to learning will help you re-adjust and course correct.

And so on…

The Latina Leadership Lessons we’ve been reviewing throughout the course of this year are not only about helping us when skies are blue, but preparing for when skies are gray.

Because there will be times we’re tired — just bone deep, psychologically and physically tired. It can be a monumental effort to simply put one foot in front of the other.

We *will* experience heartbreak, turmoil and devastating disappointment. And we will keep going.Not necessarily because we want to, feel like it or even think we can. Rather — we’ll keep going because we *have* to — because whatever doesn’t kill us, leaves us alive to continue on.

Really, in these times simply getting back up is the victory.

It’s not about a happy movie ending, or even a “growth experience” — it’s just about keeping on keeping on.

So remember that we all have these times; be compassionate when someone is going through one. It’s kind of like being sick, right? You forget how terrible it feels and how much you take your health for granted until you’re experiencing an illness.

Know that you are *COURAGEOUS* just by going through this kind of thing. And honor those around you who do so as well. Don’t expect great heroics; simply celebrate the sincere act of getting back up.

Credit, Aurelia Flores

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