Last Day of 2012 to Take Action


Celebrating … a Year of Achievements

From A Celebration of Women™’s platform to the ratification of a United Nations convention on domestic worker rights to landmark laws on harassment to the conviction of a former president for war crimes … a true year of firsts.

This timeline is a snapshot of some of the gender equality achievements in 2012.

FOUNDATION-POSTER-300x200A Celebration of Women™

is the first and only global forum where Women Leaders are being ‘celebrated’ for spearheading positive philanthropic action.

A global transformation of the women’s movement has begun through our central platform we affectionately  have dubbed  The WORLD HUB for Women Leaders that Care.  

Our WOMEN of ACTION™ are trailblazers in this millennium pioneering the new woman’s movement, a new paradigm of thinking that only through the achievement, “Equality of Women among Women”, will our world ever see a working sustainable socio-economic independence for all women.
True to its advocacy mandate, A Celebration of Women™ is the world hub for all women’s groups to celebrate their founders, members, associates and those paying forward in a global effort to collaborate in our mission, vision and Take Action to help us achieve our goals.






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