Fatherhood, 10 Sports Every Dad Should Teach Their Son

10 Sports Every Dad Should Teach Their Son

Learning to play a sport can teach kids tons of valuable life lessons that they’ll carry with them long after that last whistle blows. Dads who are looking for a way to bond with their sons while passing on some of their hard-earned wisdom might find that spending some time teaching kids the ins and outs of these 10 sports is just the thing to kill both of those proverbial birds with one stone.

  1. Golf – Playing a good game of golf requires patience and focus, which are two traits that little boys don’t usually have in abundance. By teaching sons about golf, fathers are also helping to teach them about the importance of paying attention to detail and staying calm under pressure.
  2. Basketball – The image of a father and son shooting hoops while Dad passes on sage advice about life and love is an iconic one in our society. Once kids have the rules down, shooting practice can easily become “catching-up” time for dads and their sons to talk while engaging in an activity.
  3. Football – Learning to work with your teammates, understanding how to follow directions, and grasping the importance of physical fitness are all benefits of playing football. However, even youth football can be a bit of a cutthroat environment; learning the basics from a supportive father can help boys prepare themselves for the competition.
  4. Hockey – Skating is a huge part of hockey, and it’s a skill that may be best taught by a parent. From the earliest days of lacing up skates to the full protective gear of team competition, good dads can teach their sons about teamwork and sportsmanship in addition to the rules of the game.
  5. Baseball – Much like basketball, the rules and regulations of baseball can take a backseat from time to time as Dad and his son develop pitching and catching skills in a low pressure, no-competition environment. These relaxed games of catch can also be a great time for boys when they need to talk, as it doesn’t require full concentration.
  6. Tennis – In addition to the many health benefits of a strenuous sport like tennis, it also helps kids improve their tactical thinking skills and mental alertness. Starting sons out from a young age can help them become good tennis players later on, and can also provide fathers and sons with a shared affection for the sport.
  7. Bowling – Bowling might not be the kind of sport that spawns superstars and multimillion dollar endorsement deals, but it is a favorite hobby of many. Taking the time to teach your son to bowl a good game can pay off for him in the future, whether he’s attending a birthday party or even is out on a date as an adult; being able to keep the ball out of the gutter will make him grateful for the awesome dad that taught him the finer points.
  8. Swimming – The benefits of swimming, whether competitively or simply for fun, are too numerous to list. Fathers can share the basics of this skill with their sons, which will help to keep them safe in the water and may even blossom into a lifelong love.
  9. Soccer – For kids that aren’t so athletically inclined, soccer can be a godsend. The sport can accommodate kids of wildly disparate skill levels on one team if coached well, and all dads need to help their kids practice is a backyard, a working knowledge of the game, and a ball.
  10. Horseback Riding – Teaching your son the basics of horseback riding will not only offer the two of you a chance to bond over a potentially shared interest, it will also help him learn to be compassionate and caring to animals. Few sports offer kids the chance to learn good animal stewardship skills as well, but horseback riding certainly does.

These are just a sampling of the sports that fathers can share with their sons; almost any sport that you have experience with and a background in can be adapted for little ones to learn while spending time with Dad.

Strengthen your relationship with your sons is key to a healthy future for our world!


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