Elsa, Navigating the Full Moon in Aries, Venus Square Mars and a Cardinal T-Square‏

This will be one of the most dynamic and challenging weeks we’ve seen this year.

This week is full of anger and strife.

We’re two t-squares and a poorly aspected, explosive full moon in Aries.

It makes sense you be armed with a plan so that’s what I’ll offer.

Conflict will erupt when you least expect it and the fighting will be intense. People shoot to kill under a sky like this so don’t go around writing checks your ass can’t cash. Don’t assume you’re the hottest head around, or that the other person is not armed. On the contrary, expect crossfire of various types and be prepared to duck.

As for your personal life, read about Saturday night’s full moon, where I advise people not to castrate their love (or money) in the heat of the moment as many will feel these kind of impulses. If you act on this stuff, you are sure to regret it, round about Tuesday when things smooth out.

If you’re prone to go off, you can counter the impulse by committing to giving the other person the benefit of the doubt rather than shooting first and then deciding you acted rashly. Make a rule for this week and stick by it. Chances are you’ll fare better in the long run.

That’s the big picture.

Here is rundown of the week:

Thursday & Friday – Venus and Mars are in a tight square, with the Moon in Pisces. Some are locked in conflict, others sensitized. Those in conflict with others are very likely acting out an internal conflict. If you can keep a cool head and consider this, you may have a breakthrough.

Saturday & Sunday – Saturday, we head towards the full moon which takes place just before or after midnight in the US, depending on your location. Stay safe, because emergency rooms are always busy during full moons and with one this violent and unpredictable they’re likely to be overrun. Sunday, people are still running at high RPM.

Monday & Tuesday – Reality hits as the Moon in Aries opposes Saturn. The Sun in Libra squares Uranus and Pluto. Venus is still square Mars so people are still going to be testy. By Monday evening, people start to calm as they get off work and the Moon settles in Taurus. By Tuesday we’re through the worst of the storm and people may actually want to be nice to each other.

Wednesday – Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Some will escape and transcend via love and service,. Unfortunately, the Moon in Taurus will simultaneously oppose Mars in Scorpio and others will get caught in a stubborn battle of wills.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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