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The Path away from Blame and Persecution

A persecution complex arises from pride in the mode of  Vanity :  this complex is actually the essence of paranoia.  Whereas, the transfer of blame (from the individual to society) implies a factor of pride in the mode of  Hate :  the transfer of blame is the basis of psychopathy.


Paranoia [Blame] from the implicit belief in the betrayal of trust. For people the paranoia gets diluted into anxiety. Anxiety equals the combination of fear and vanity. Hence, anxiety can be considered to be a derivative of paranoia. For the sensitive adult, when she is in a social situation in which she feels that she cannot trust anyone, then her anxiety will increase to the point of switching over into paranoia.

The person is afraid to believe in anyone.

The reason that these two themes seemed to be connected is because they both derive from the same source, which is Pride ; however, they actually reflect different modes of pride.

By psychopathy I mean disorders such as willingness to commit multiple and mass murder, genocide, hurt of others, etc. 

It is the apparent absence of feeling towards the victims (this apparent absence of feeling really denotes the presence of the hate mode of pride). A traditional example is the gunfighter in the American Wild West. The psychopath finds it easy to kill because she has transferred blame to other people, other groups.

‘I strongly reject one aspect of Sullivan’s therapy for mental disorder. He had little success in his therapy with paranoid patients. He was prepared to manipulate them for therapeutic ends. He thought that paranoia was a product of schizophrenia and so wanted to regress the paranoid patient back to schizophrenia, which was easier to treat than paranoia. But he did not see this as being manipulation since he had ‘good’ intentions for the patient. Therefore, he could not see that the paranoid patient’s claim of being persecuted was, at least in some ways, correct.

If such a patient is being manipulated then he is being subjected to the same mentality of control that his parents are likely to have used ; he is being put into the situation that caused his problems in the first place. 

What should be the basis of the therapist’s attitude to such patients?

It has to be ‘trust’.

If the patient does not trust the therapist then that patient cannot explore her fears. In both the infant and the adult, the need for trust takes precedence over the need for love. This is why love alone cannot solve relationship problems in the adult. The need for trust is the most basic requirement for any harmonious social relationship.

The reason is that only trust can remove the ‘influence of fear.’

Paranoia [Persecution] is based on the idea that the individual’s desire for power is totally prevented by external forces. 

The world (or some person or some being) blocks all opportunities for the person to exercise his desire for power in order to control his life. 

When in this situation I interpret it to mean that I am being persecuted, my fear of the world is intensified.

I resort to a focus on developing my will power in order to stabilize myself.

If through will power, I still cannot exercise my desire for power then the world collapses into chaos as I lose control; hence thinking ‘My life in the world is made meaningless’.

Once a person’s degree of evolution begins to make her sensitive to the nuances of personal relationships she becomes vulnerable to fear. In my view, fear is the first intense emotion felt by the new-born infant, since consciousness becomes confined to a physical body; consciousness becomes bound within narrow limits. (In some other states of existence, such as heaven, consciousness is not so restricted).

This fear is one of the roots of infancy trauma, but then the occurrence of the trauma buries the fear under a thick coating of guilt ... the fear ceases to be evident.  



See yourself and others through the eyes of the Angels, with unconditional love and acceptanceIn this way, you inspire and lift everyone to their highest potential.”  

The highest purpose of your healer guides is to restore your Self-awareness and Self-esteem as children of God,and help you accept the love and unlimited blessings that God grants you.As you work toward Serenity, and Inner Peace your life’s unforeseen problems begin to lessen and disappear.

Opening your heart and mind to your worthiness is the best healing of all.  


A Summary of important factors of emotions:

Narcissism = love + vanity.
Jealousy = love + self-pity.
Anxiety = fear + vanity.
Guilt = self-pity + self-hate.
Pride = vanity + hatred of other people.

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