Playfulness is Key to Enlightenment, Shirlee Hall

The time to play is NOW !!!

Laughing and having fun relaxes you.

This relaxation gives you a greater inflow of ideas, spiritual connections, Divine Guidance, and energy. Your energy and positive personality attracts wonderful and helpful people to you.

Shirlee Hall’s book, My Own Tree, is a valuable book.

It provides understanding and practical solutions to allow us to move forward on our healing journey into conscious evolution. I loved this book for its ability to take us outside of the conventional box, into the realm of creative actions that serve to expand our level of health and joy. When you finish reading this book, you will love the experience as much as I did.

Finding the realness inside is a process. The exercises in this book are your invitation to awaken the wisdom and authenticity that resides within. The first exercise works to create a safe and grounded connection with this Earth and with our own physicality. Our body is supposed to be our safe haven, the place within which to dwell and explore physical reality. Sadly, we often distrust physicality. With brilliant insight, Hall helps us weave together the image of a tree with the breath of life. As we begin to breathe consciously…perhaps for the first time—we initiate new connections of safety and a sense of belonging here on Earth.

This book continues to lead us through experiences designed to help us move into our heart center so that we may expand self-empowerment and the joy of being alive. Breathing in life from the roots of physical connection, we awaken creativity, courage, personal power, and passion. From the ground up, through breath and intention, we take steps into self-mastery. Deep within, long forgotten dreams excitedly awaken as they sense our intention to live more fully satisfying lives.

Shirlee Hall’s rare gift is to help us see beyond the veil of our beliefs and our judgments of self and see the world with wonder and possibility, as if for the first time. More than a manual, this empowering book takes readers on a journey of liberation and spiritual illumination. By sharing tools that utilize our senses, intention, and imagination and encouraging readers to participate, Hall wants people to experience a short cut to joy. She does a wonderful job of it!

Annette Colby, PhD
Author of Your Highest Potential and Depression Freedom
Dallas, Texas

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