10 Working Moms Secrets for Getting Out of the House on Time

10 Working Moms Secrets for Getting Out of the House on Time

Mornings can be the most difficult part of the day for many working moms. Trying to get the kids and themselves ready and out the door on time seems to always take much longer than expected. With these 10 tips, working moms can make their mornings much more manageable and make their family’s morning departure one that is on time and not late.

1. Wake up 30 minutes before everyone else. If you don’t first care for your own needs, you won’t be able to care for the needs of others in your family. Waking up before everyone else allows you to get ready to start your day without interruption. Enjoy your coffee and paper in peace, prior to waking up the others.

2. Lay out clothes the night before. The older children get, the more say they want to have in their wardrobe choices. Provide children with two or three acceptable choices and let them choose what to wear. Hanging a plastic shoe organizer over the back of their door and filling each pocket with a matched outfit can make choosing an outfit easier for preschoolers.

3. Always repack your diaper bag once you return home. Resist the urge to drop it and forget about it. Once you are home, repack your diaper bag with spare clothing, diapers, snacks, and any other necessities you may need and then leave it by the door so it’s ready to go when you are.

4. Keep a tote filled with necessities in the car. Keeping a tote filled with spare clothes, nonperishable snacks and bottled water, diapers, a package of wipes, sun screen, and any other essentials can come in handy if you’re out longer than originally planned or if you forget your diaper bag.

5. Unpack and repack backpacks once you return home. Avoid scavenger hunts by emptying bags once home, tending to what needs your attention, and repacking such items soon after returning home. It’s much better to handle these tasks when you’re not rushed and pressed for time.

6. Have a set place for shoes. Avoid missing shoes by placing a large basket by the front door for everyone to place their shoes in when returning home. A boot tray can also be used to store wet shoes after wearing.

7. Get the kids up early enough. Whatever time you think you need to wake the kids up to allow them to be ready on time, add 15 minutes to it. It is inevitable that one child is going to spill something at breakfast and another is going to take too long in the bathroom, and those 15 extra minutes can be the difference between being on time and being late.

8. Have your stuff ready to go the night before. In the evening, get your work and personal stuff ready for the next day. Be sure your briefcase is packed and on the counter ready to go, and your work attire, along with accessories, are ready to wear.

9. Prepare lunches the night before. While some items can’t be packed the night before, if you’re sending something that can be, like leftovers, pack and prepare them right after dinner. Grabbing and going can make mornings easier.

10. Have a short and sweet goodbye routine. It can certainly be tempting to give your baby one last kiss or to leave and comeback to check on her several times before making your final departure, but don’t give into temptation. Doing so just prolongs the goodbye and makes the transition more difficult for you both. If you have a trusted caregiver, trust her to do her job and redirect your child after you leave.

Mornings don’t have to be filled with mayhem. With a little planning and preparation, you can start your day off on time.

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