VERONICA – Clutter in the Linear

A Message from VERONICA

Clutter in The Linear

“Participating in life with the best intent and desire can still leave one feeling despondent over the lack of progress. “Life” surely appears to get in the way of spiritual awareness. Some religious movements prescribe the leaving of linear pursuits to embrace only spiritual. Others embrace a focusing of thought while still others teach a symbolic regimen of ritual to clear one’s path to heaven.

With all the methods available why are there still so many seemingly lost in a clutter of drama that gives no meaning to their lives?

From our perspective the soul’s intention should be the most predominant voice in the hearts of all. However, that can be difficult with all the clutter accumulated in one’s life.

Despair arises in the soul when its true voice cannot be heard.

Linear has accelerated in your current cultures. There is no longer the silence of a winter day where one can almost hear snow falling. Technology has replace the pulse of the heart leaving some species needing to vacate the linear altogether.

We have heard from many of you who are worried about the environment created from the calm whispers of our souls… its core fiber frayed from creations that come energy tense with clutter of the linear.

It is important to think quietly while setting aside the trivia of your day. Participate in your own personal meditation while creating the intention of your soul. It’s not lost, nor is your environment. It’s merely out of touch, misplaced in the dramatic events of your day.

Spiritual progress can be achieved easily with clearer thought. How long has it been since you experienced an eternal moment? If you cannot recall then we beseech your focus upon that from which you came….. your entity.

Quite. Slower pace. Clear thought. Eliminate that which is not necessary. You do not have to depend uon your external to provide the moment. It is you that creates all. If everyone made that a priority your linear would become less cluttered allowing the magnificence of your soul to shine through.

All would align… including your environment.”

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