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is excited to share with the Women of our World this Amazing, Awesome and Active woman.

She named herself  ‘eclectic woman of spirit‘, is Author / Figurative Clay Sculptor / Poet / Knowledge-Seeker / Business Woman & Most Importantly, Enthusiastic Participator of Life Experience.

Elfie has a complete gallery of her art that she named JUST FOR KIDS….

Celebrate this Life with us, here today!






Elfie Leddy


Here is a synopsis, in her own words:

“A multi-faceted Eternalarian woman of spirit, my interests and accomplishments are diverse. A self-published Author of two books with two more scheduled for 2011 spring/summer release, what sets me apart from many other authors is my versitility of book content.

First, was a fantasy novel & 2nd a self-awareness non-fiction dealing with core beliefs; 3rd for publication, the 1st volume of a magical Celtic Children’s book for young girls (a Trilogy for ages 6-16) just awaiting illustrations from ‘Call for Ilustratons’ aimed at N.Van High School Art Students, and 4th, the draft being proofed of a much needed, ‘Avoiding the 5 Major Credit Card Traps’.

My work experience spans 18 different industries including banking, Marketing & Promotions, magazine publication, Int’l shipping, Advertising & Training Program development.

A poet, figurative clay sculptor, my passion has also been sharing what I’ve learned through my independent studies & my own self-awareness process by facilitating varius support groups over the years.

My intention now, alongside promoting my books is to develop my on-line courses with a focus on ‘Strengthening Self-Image & supporting Sexual Abuse Victims (of all kinds but particularly within the family), based on first-hand experience. “


The healing process can be difficult, but it CAN BE DONE more easily with additional support from those who have healed their own lives. “


According to LiveStrong.com and Protect Kids,

these are some of the Behavioral Signs of an abused child at the age of 4….

According to Protect Kids, an online source for fighting child sexual abuse, a child who is suffering from abuse may wake up during the night screaming, sweating and shaking or have severe nightmares. Your child may begin acting aggressively or cruelly towards other children and animals, family members and even toys, will suddenly lose his appetite, show excessive or new fear of a certain place or person and engage in sexual behaviors such as masturbation. He may also ask unusual or age inappropriate questions about sex and sexuality and play sexually with other small children. Protect Kids also warns that a child who is sexually abused may begin injuring himself by sticking himself with pins, cutting himself or will show signs of depression, such as lacking enjoyment in previously loved activities, such as school and sports.”

Read more:


Canadian stats indicate this issue affects 1 out of 3 women, based only on those brave enough to voice experiencing this kind of trauma.

‘I am ready to share what I have learned through my own process of recovery.’



Violet’s Magik Purse

My first children’s book, Violet’s Magik Purse is a Celtic tale set in present-day Ireland, where a six year-old learns lessons about managing her feelings, energy, and special abilities. Also scheduled for release in 2010.

Her Gallery of Art: JUST FOR KIDS




In Honour of Universal Children’s Day, Elfie shares her poetry:

My Own Girl Child

By Elfie

Dedicated to my daughter, Jackie

Who are you my own girl child?
That I’ve known you for all time,
A part of who I may have been
In another life so fine.

For since your birth our souls reached out
From inner realms not known,
And recognized an old, old friend
Awareness not yet shown.

Who are you my own girl child?
That all you say and do,
Rings in my ears as if the words
By me were said, not you.

The mother I, the daughter, you,
It can be turned around,
And still we walk a path aligned
A new beginning found.

So who are you, my own girl child?
Our rhythms intertwined,
Are you the one that I once was
Or seek with hope to find
Through you, my own girl child?



Keys to Living from the Inside Out

…the Author

by Elfie H.M. Leddy

Visit the site: www.keys-to-living-from-the-inside-out.com

A survivor of incest, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, I know first-hand how fear, guilt, shame, and a poor self-image can sabotage your life intentions. My commitment to understand the workings of the mind led to my own healing & discovery of missing elements in existing self-healing methodologies. Facilitating self-help and support groups for many years enabled me to identify & catalogue common roadblocks experienced during the process of self-healing and change, as reflected in KEYS. Using first-hand experience, examples you can relate to, and revealing exercises, my enthusiasm for the potential for change has spurred me to share effective Keys to enhance self-empowerment by utilizing resources you already have within you.


Soft cover: (5.5″ x 8.5″)
260 pages
Retail price: $20.58
Elfie’s special price: $17.00

BUY HERE: http://keys-to-living-from-the-inside-out.com/


The Sculptor/Artist


Born with a natural ability to sketch, I spent most of my childhood and teen years sketching people on whatever scraps of paper I could find in pencil, soft pastel or Indian ink and heavy black crayon: copying them from books & magazines or creating them from own imagination.


Little did I know that later in life, I would recognize many of these faces as my own – from past-lives.”

Navaho – This piece was main door prize for The Aboriginal Arts Film Festival, Edmonton, won by Indian Chief from Northern Alberta – note: one side of face is male, one side female. Didn’t know I did that until it was pointed out to me after.

Read more here: http://elfieleddy.com/elfie-leddy-sculptor-artist/




A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings to this Woman of Courage, Faith and Perseverence; not to mention the outstanding talents.

Elfie has much to offer and is now here to help the Women of our World.



Brava, Elfie!


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