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A Celebration of Women

is elated to Celebrate the Life of this pro-active woman.

This inspiration has made a decision to devote her life to the health and wellbeing of our children. Through her Actions, there now exists a Program of exercise, designed especially for our children.

One Key of her enterprise is the training program of Certified Instructors for this Program , namely: Youth Movement Instructor Certification.  She will come to Your School to train. If You are an health educator, gym teacher, trainer or parent interested in the health of the children in Your care, Take Action and connect with our WOMAN of ACTION, Beth Mueller.


Beth and her organization is now here to help the Women of our World!





Beth Mueller




Born and raised on a farm in rural Columbus, NE, Beth grew up in a large family of 8. (Beth grew up with a true sense of community, and a natural willingness to help others, living in a rural community.)

Beth studied nursing for 3 years at Nebraska Methodist College in Omaha, NE…



before transferring to Marymount University in Arlington, VA to pursue her passion in wellness.


Beth is one of the Women of Action devoting her life to make this Graph happen…


She speaks passionately regarding her disappointment in our society’s “sick care” system and its relation to the rise of childhood obesity, and strives to educate on stopping the problem before it starts; mandating an active lifestyle and proper nutrition as the building blocks for disease prevention and lifelong success.


Elizabeth is committed to continuing education and is currently completing a master’s degree in exercise / sport psychology from Argosy University.



Recess and Results strives to touch the lives of children worldwide, leaving a lasting positive impact through entertaining and fun wellness activities in a safe and inspiring environment. Recess and Results teaches the importance of an active lifestyle and whole food based diet through “recess (play)”, establishing healthy lifestyle patterns at an early age, leading to lifelong wellness and overall success… RESULTS! 


Beth Mueller lives her passion everyday, leading entertaining exercises classes that she designed and customized for kids.

Beth founded Recess & Results® alongside of sister and co-owner Jessica Conroy in response to the childhood obesity epidemic and lack of age appropriate solutions to fight this battle.


“Children are not miniature adults and should not exercise as such. It is not acceptable to take an adult exercise format, and turn around and teach to kids. Rather, we must create an entertaining, uplifting, and age appropriate environment that will encourage youth to return time and time again, and thus foster the habits of a healthy lifestyle at an early age.”




Currently Beth teaches weekly classes of Recess & Results® in the South Florida area, and travels the country with Jessica leading Recess & Results® Youth Movement Instructor Certification workshops, urging fitness professionals and child educators to join the childhood obesity battle.



Working in health and wellness for over 7 years, Beth was amazed at the lack of age appropriate youth fitness activities offered within the fitness industry. Determined to create a solution, Beth concentrated her studies on childhood obesity, pediatric exercise science, and child psychology, and partnered with sister Jessica to develop fun and exciting physical activity classes for kids. Beth worked to incorporate these classes in fitness clubs she managed, drawing a successful following of children and parents. Beth and Jessi went on to formalize these classes and founded Recess & Results® in October of 2009.


Beth has found a way to make her passion her life and is focused on reaching as many youth worldwide as possible through Recess & Results® programs. Currently Recess & Results® partners with schools and health clubs, bringing entertaining exercise to the kids of our nation through our certified Youth Movement Instructors. Beth and Jessica love working together and are working to create new Recess & Results® class formats to include YogaBurst and KidoKICKS.


Although it is not always easy, Beth is committed to making the health and wellness of our nation’s youth a priority for schools and fitness clubs nationwide. Sadly, not everyone sees the importance of investing in a youth program such as Recess & Results®, particularly if the monetary gains are not substantial and immediate. Patience, strong will, determination to make a difference, and prayer have proven key components of success for Beth.



Unwilling to be defeated, Beth views “no”, as a simple, “we are not ready right now” and an opportunity to provide further education on the importance of physical activity in youth and the detriments of childhood obesity on our society.



It is our responsibility to protect the wellbeing of our younger generation. Today that means making certain they have ample opportunity to learn and grow as they were mean too; through play with their peers. By providing a simple outlet such as Recess & Results®, we give kids the tools they need to be successful and healthy at the same time.”



Beth currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL and enjoys fun in the sun!

In her spare time Beth enjoys being active with her dog Zoey, swimming, playing sand volleyball, laughing, smiling and enjoying everyday. Beth’s interests include international travel and culture, meeting new people, reading, theatre, jazz / blues, and child psychology. Beth dreams of hosting a summer destination wellness camps for youth one day in the future.


“I want to leave a lasting positive impact in the lives of youth, empowering them to reach their biggest dreams in a life of wellness and free of disease.


To learn more about Recess & Results visit www.recessandresults.com

To learn more about Beth find her on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=511469129&v=info




A Celebration of Women

is honored to celebrate this life, and sends our blessings to all Beth’s endeavours. 

We all know that the First Lady, Michelle Obama is right with you, Beth & Jessica. 

Keep teaching, You build it~~they will come.



Brava Beth!



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