VERONICA – Self Doubt

Self Doubt

“When aspiring to create and manifest in the linear it is important to consider your energy input. Often the difficulty of bringing manifestations into the linear is interfered upon by the exact one who is trying to bring them in.

How you think about yourself and your abilities becomes clear when things either go well or do not.

Examine your opinions and personal energy often. In truthfulness see how those moments have an effect upon your experience. You are connected to your soul, which feels powerful in the moment, however, your self doubt can often derail the best laid plans.

It’s not easy to examine the self. Earlier experience, which includes childhood and past life can aid the self into feeling powerless and victimized.

Whenever possible attempt to see a moment clearly without the opinions interfering.

Pure thought is the best approach.

We realize it would be easier to blame outside forces for derailments, however, the courage to examine the self would be the best route.

Stay still.

Look doubt in the eye and see it for what it is.

Be more powerful and self assured, your soul is.

Eliminate the doubt and embrace your power. It’s really the only way.”


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