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Parenting in this modern world is an experience with so many challenges from day one, that as Women Taking Action we must always remember that we ALL are Spirits enjoying a physical experience; not Physical Beings with a Spirit. This task includes recognizing this to be a fact in the lives of our children, as well. By working to maintain our own Spiritual Health, allowing for us to keep open minds and hearts, we just may view our children in a new light.  

The thoroughly enjoyable part in the life of the Meta-physical Mom happens when she realizes that her child is also a Spirit having a Physical experience, with loads of their own Wisdom to offer. Being gifted with this awakened faith supported by the maintenance of an open-mind, you may just find out that your child  nudging you, challenging you, demanding of you,  pushin you, showing you, testing you, loving you, etc. is actually awakening you in many ways. 

You should always take the time to listen to your children for they may be the best Teachers you ever have.



Celebrate Spiritual Motherhood!



We researched and found a couple of awesome events & their websites

for the Women of our World.  

The Women of Wisdom Foundation is a National Women’s Organization based in Seattle, providing diverse and innovative programs that offer women opportunities for personal growth and transformation. WOW promotes women’s spirituality, creativity and wholeness, and empowers women’s voices and their contributions to the world, honoring the Divine Feminine in all.

Womens events include a range of mind body and spirit topics for a full healing experience.


Join us for our bi-monthly

Community Connection Workshops

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Bring the Feminine Alive
Impact the World


  Grace BellSimone LaDrumma

Melissa Wadsworth

May 20, 2012

Standing Stone Healing & Arts

943 N. 89th St., Seattle, 98103


About Women of Wisdom Foundation

Women of Wisdom  is for any woman  who desires to connect  with other women  & be inspired  by the spirit that links us.  We join hands in a circle,  we sing, we dance  and we lift our arms to  embrace everyone  in our community.  Our sisters,  our daughters,  our mothers,  our grandmothers  and our ancestors before us.  We express the Divine Feminine,  which is the spirit of women  within all of us.  We explore her wisdom &  her many diverse expressions.  We welcome all of you into our circle  of Women of Wisdom!



Intuitive Parenting



happy parent and child


Parenting is a tough, yet rewarding job. Making this job tougher yet are work responsibilities, deciding child-raising rules with a partner, or raising a child as a single parent. How do you negotiate the malleable world of raising children, yet create a solid structure where your children feel safe?

This workshop isn’t about the rules you set, but in how you respond to moments in your child’s life, and to balancing multiple responsibilities.

Learn to feel empowered in parenting no matter what the rules. Start with a meditation to learn some basic techniques, you will then receive quick exercises that focus on how to listen to your inner voice, how breath and what it will do for you, and how to meditate with your eyes open and children tugging at your shirt sleeves.

Bring home a quick reference chart and new intuitive parenting tools.

For dates or information, email leigh@leighharris.org or call Leigh at 408-489-6609

Facilitator: Leigh Harris, intuitive, Life Coach for more than 15 years, and mother of two, 6 and 8 years old.


Great Books

A Mom’s Guide to Sanity:


Parenting as a Spiritual Practice


Conscious Children’s Network

“Empowering Intuitive Children and their Families”
Parents all over the world are going crazy.
They don’t know how to handle their intuitive or psychic kids”
~ Drunvalo Melchizede



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