WOMEN in RECOVERY – Frustration….aren’t we the Cause, Ourselves?




The Laws of Cause & Effect…. 




appears when we are too focused on ‘What Should Be’ (in our minds)

rather than on ‘What is’…..


Staying in the moment and appreciating that ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ can seem impossible at times; yet, with practice one can actually begin to experience enough hindsight moment by moment to grow into the realization that every action, event or happening has a reason.

The more one practices this acceptance in daily living, the less ‘Frustration‘ leading to ‘Anger‘ one will experience.

* Anger = frustration out of control.



A Celebration of Women suggests:  The ‘Ten Second Pause’


Take the Ten Second Pause when life is tossing you an experience that is hurtful, uncomfortable or even heartwrenching . At that moment, stand still, dig deep, be rigorously honest with self. YOU may realize that this particular experience is ‘Happening for a Reason’The Awakening happens when we open our own eyes to the fact that some experiences that we live through, actually have nothing to do with us, as we are merely a part of the play called Life. Taking the perspective that many events in our own lives happen for the benefit of someone ‘inside‘ our life, bringing with them their own learning experiences, Karma, etc.  When we get caught up in an experience that is destined to teach another, we will only suffer through our own self centered hand; you know, that hand controlling the mind to think that everything is happening at that moment in time, just to affect that almighty ‘self’. 


This form of ‘self centered thinking’

is actually the cause to most of our frustrations in this life.


The practice of detachment from this thinking takes time, yet, once accustomed to distancing oneself from a situation, most of the time, one finds out that everything happening at that moment does not necessarily need to affect self, nor was it destined to.  The talent to stand back, become a voyeur, a supporter, a confidente can in the long run offer great solice to self.  Reminding self that ‘Self‘ is never, nor has ever been the Center of the Universe; that ‘it’ merely plays a tiny role in the whole scheme of things, can dissipate most frustrations, and eliminate most anger.


Watch this flip, as it is common among students of life…

especially Women.


We, as Women, spend most of our existence on this planet, working to include all into one experience, bringing the family together, holding the children together, keeping the peace at the office, etc., etc., etc.  When you begin to stand back, stand down, and stay out of the way, you are going to experience a strange enertia, finding yourself in a place that is momentarily uncomfortable, once again.  That new place will leave you in a realm of being that is ‘not upset’, boarding on ‘not interested’; yet, another form of uncomfortable to self.   Don’t allow the feeling of detachment to confuse you and allow you to transfer your own ‘self centeredness’ from ‘Frustration‘ into ‘Guilt‘, opening an whole new can of worms to deal with.  


You must learn how to embrace the fact

that not everything has something to do with You! 


Learn to experience Joy  from the fact that You are simply ‘caught up in the cross fire of life’; that You are not the center of the crisis, cannot become the center of the event and are not to be affected by the lessons being learned by those around you, inside your life.   Don’t take life’s events personally first, always seek out the ‘benefit of a happening‘ for someone else in the picure; as you see those benefits one experience at a time, through the practice of detachment, you will eventually reach a stage in life that nothing effects you emotionally anymore.   


Watch and learn!

That’s all you are to do!

Let Go and Let the Universe take its course. 


You will have achieved FREEDOM from you own self centeredness and emotions! 

You can try to be helpful; yet, stay out of the way, especially your own!    




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