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A Celebration of Women is pleased to introduce Our Women to: AYI JIHU.

As Chinese Star Ayi Jihu is made International Goodwill Ambassador of FAAVM (Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities), hot on the heels of that appointment, came the news that Ayi Jihu has also been appointed Special Envoy for S.E.E- Sun Earth Energy a company that champions green energy solutions for the developing world as well as the developed world. *Rumour also has it that a recent meeting of the Facebook Elite is about to announce her as a Facebook Ambassador.

This is a WOMAN of ACTION, and it is a pleasure to share with Our Women more about this amazing young Woman. Not only does she maintain a full carreer in the arts-music industry, this “power of example” has found the time to go out there and help others. A Celebration of Women has the honour of sharing, in her own words, the following excerpts of HOW this women started in her life of philanthropy and WHAT motivates her to take action, daily:
‘Everything really started with Facebook Ambassador Andrew Williams Jnr. Apparently they (PAR12 an organisation that deals in global solutions for the world) had been looking for someone to reach out to a younger global audience on social, energy, green and charitable issues. *So, I guess you could say it all started on Facebook. They needed someone who could truly reach a global audience and that included Asia and China. The fact that I am Chinese and an entertainer together with my popularity all over the world and also my work in Macau (China) made me for them ‘The perfect choice’ or that’s what I was told.”

“From talking to Ambassador Andrew Williams Jnr. we came to see that we had much in common when it came to social issues. I’m Chinese, but I am also minority Chinese, and I find myself with a black Record company (Shlepp Records) working with other minorities. I have learned a lot from this experience and because of it I feel I understand the Black experience a little more. I also know that because of having me, Shlepp Records (Stevie Eagle E) have learned a lot about China and its people. “

“My dream has always been to bring Chinese people out through music and get them not to feel so afraid about expressing themselves while getting the people of the West to see and understand China its people and culture more. My goals coincided with Shlepp and also with Ambassador Andrew Williams Jnr. When Andrew Williams Jnr. and I spoke he took my vision to another level and it all happened from there.”


Raphel Louis Prime Minister Candidate and founder of FAAVM

Andrew introduced me to Raphel Louis, founder and head of FAAVM and other members of the PAR 12 group including John Burke from S.E.E. All of a sudden I find myself in the company of Civil rights leaders, major business, NGO and humanitarian leaders from around the world all looking at me as one way to get their messages across to the youth of the world. All this at the time when I’m about to release my first official single in the UK.


“Things took off from there. My first task is to bring awareness to the Domes for homes initiative. As the bad weather hit Haiti and people in Chile suffeed a massive earthquake, these Domes provide part of the answer for many of these devastated homeless people. Some are made of special earthquake proof material and will provide shelter for the people of Haiti and Chile right away. Some of the Domes can be put together in a couple of hours and can also be used for schools, media centers, hospitals, whatever.

There are several companies out there that make Domes, some are easier to put up than others and have slightly different specifications, but what I love about being apart of FAAVM is that they are not caught up in looking for perfect solutions. They are looking for solutions. The Domes will need drainage, they will need to be delivered and put together also. If we can get one Dome in Haiti (depending on its size) even if it’s a bit over crowded it can be used to keep people out of the weather until we can get all the other bits in place. I believe that the everyday person like me can see the tangible practicality of the Domes and get behind FAAVM and myself in getting the funds to purchase as many as we can as quickly as we can.”


The Domes can also be branded with the names or given a name (like a country home) so that people who helped purchase or make that Dome available know the name and location of the Dome and what it is being used for, who it is helping and if need be know the names of the families and people using it. Obviously this works the other way around with the people benefiting from the Domes knowing who helped them. Everything is happening real fast and I’m sure we may make a few mistakes along the way, but the main thing is we are doing something and we are doing it now. So that is is my first real mission.

When asked how she feels she will be viewed in her new roles Ayi Jihu replies. I hope that people just see me for what I am, just like them- a human being who wants to help other human beings. Whatever way they see me, as long as I move them to positive action, make them stop and think about something, or even ask a question – I’m happy.”

When Ayi Jihu was asked about her invitation from SUN EARTH ENERGY, her reply was:Sun Earth Energy came through the same sources. The Domes need to be heated ,etc. Sun Earth Energy Ltd. are a British company who specialize in Green energy solutions, solar power and that sort of thing. It’s all a bit new to me but I’m learning fast. Like FAAVM, they feel I can help them get their message across to everyday people worldwide. I’m no expert in all of this stuff, so if they can make me understand it, then I feel the regular girl or guy in the street in whatever country will also understand it.
What I do know is that China is doing a lot for Solar power and waste renewal. I would love the world to realise that. I know the Chinese people would love to help do even more – we are a generous people. I think most people see China as just using most of the gas and oil. I was not able to meet in person with John Burke from Sun Earth Energy so Stevie Eagle E (Shlepp Entertainment Ltd) met with him ,on my behalf, to accept the offer of Special Envoy.”

Head of S.E.E. John Burke meets with Stevie Eagle E head of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

When asked about how this involvement would effect her music career, AYI JIHU answered:

I see the work that I’m doing with FAAVM and PAR12 as part of what I do as an artist. I grew up with Michael Jackson and I am a big fan of Angelina Jolie. These “mega” stars had a far busier schedule than I have and found the time to do all the humanitarian and charity work that they did. So I do not feel it will change anything for me.

‘I see it as part as my job as an artist and my obligation as a human being.’ Plus, I am not by any means alone. I have a massive infrastructure behind me. I have the support of some of the greatest minds out there and people and organisations like Donna J Bennett from Partnership for Peace , a woman that has been at the forefront of major peace events and initiatives for almost 40 years. Let’s not forget the whole Facebook Ambassador team, and the experts at FAAVM. I will also be working with James Womack from Strictly Entertainment in the USA along with Shlepp Entertainment Ltd in the UK, Cynthia Lee from Myoho films, Balla Sekou Fara-Bey and Bermudan artist Dagga in Bermuda, South African business man Brendon Merrick who is a White Zulu warrior and the whole AJ Action team and the list goes on and on. These are a wonderful, dynamic group of people from all over the world and they are all supporting and backing up my efforts. So I am by no means alone here. I am part of something truly massive and global and the scale of it sometimes even frightens me. Some of the future projects are so huge like the world game of peace event which has over 40 countries involved including I’m proud to say China. I’m not sure what part I will be playing in all of that, but I hope to be quite involved in it and perhaps perform as I did at the London Week of Peace.”

She continues: ” Doing shows like the London Week of Peace show, performing all over China in Massive, Casinos and clubs and shooting shows like Asianstar24 and Diva Diaries have all prepared me for what is happening now. What I did not realize it at the time was that I was learning. And, now I feel more prepared for what is about to happen over the next several months.

“I’m young and have a lot still to learn, but I am not afraid….

…for the eyes of the world will soon be upon us.”



Ayi Jihu made history by becoming the first Chinese artist to perform at the London Week of Peace live concert in Trafalgar Square. The show was beamed live to a worldwide audience and Ayi Jihu stunned the watching crowd with a show that fused R&B, Hip Hop and opera along with Contemporary and Street Dance using kids from all over the world.

An finally, when AYI JIHU is asked: “What next?”

She replies: ” Well from what I understand, we have only a few weeks to get these domes into Bermuda and set them up so the world can see them in action. ,We have an island called Higgs Island in Bermuda that has been kindly given to us to set up our first Dome Village. ,I have been told the Island is been probably going to be renamed AJ island which happens to also be my initials, so that will be cool., However, once we get that delivered and set up, we can start rolling. It’s going to be a lot of work and we will need the help of people to get this up and running. My job is to make people aware of what’s going on and help to raise funds for the Domes and look at Bermuda. At the same time I am preparing for my debut single release. So it’s all go, go go right now.”

AYI JIHU’s request from the Women of Our World, at this time……

“Well, right now we are in the process of clarifying what we are going to need volunteers, donations and expertise I’m sure but we need to make it very clear to people exactly what and how. I would like as many people as possible to join the FAAVM facebook group which will keep them updated on all things like the day of peace, Domes for homes and all the other things going on. We are also going to be talking to business to help donate some of the things we need. It’s a great opportunity for business in Bermuda and worldwide to get involved in a global project that will give them great and positive PR and help people. I would like people more than anything as they go through their everyday lives to take a moment in the day to think about those around the globe who are struggling or less better off than they are. With the economy so bad people in the West are feeling the pinch and this tends to make charity money dry up. I just hope people don’t suffer from Charity overload and keep giving, keep helping and keep asking questions to stop certain things from happening over and over again. I also hope to see my people emerge as one of the most generous nations our there. ‘

I am hoping that people see me for what I am, nothing special, just a small girl from a small village in China doing her best with what she has and follow suite. This has already turned out to be a very exciting year for me and with the release of my single in June and all of this it seems it could be a truly life changing year. “

“But, whatever happens- I want my fans and friends to know

that I will remain the same Ayi Jihu and I will always try to help people.”


Ayi Jihu prepares to release her Debut UK Single

* Sad Sweet Dreamer in June 2010

* Ayi jihu’s first Album Try Me is available on Itunes and Amazon now.

Ayi Jihu’s debut UK single release is due out in June 2010.


A celebrity is going to be showing up in the indie, free-to-play AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG this week. Well, in a manner of speaking, that is. Ayi Jihu will be appearing in the game for a virtual concert event. Players won’t just get to hear her sing though, there will be adventures as well at 7pm EST on April 15, 2011.

First, there’s going to be an in-game concert that AdventureQuest Worlds players can enjoy. Her music will be added to the game, so players can visit the event area to listen to her. If you’re a parents of a young child, don’t worry. while Ayi Jihu does have some more mature songs, Artix Entertainment has made sure the music that will be used in the game is appropriate for players of all ages. After the show, players can then take part in some special quests. Ayi isn’t just a singer – she’s also the star of Fear Chaser Chronicles. That’s a live action show and graphic novel.


AdventureQuest Worlds is capitalizing on that and also having an in-game Ayi Jihu character join players on a few quests. These are limited time affairs, which will pit all participants against monsterous incarnations of fears. So you need to fight Fear of the Dark, of Fear and of Heights. Succeed and you’ll get new, rare equipment and supposedly even pets.

Don’t feel too bad if you haven’t heard of Ayi Jihu yet. She’s mainly famous overseas in China. She has a new album coming out this year, also called The Fear Chaser Chronicles, that will tie into the TV show and graphic novel series. Soar me of her music is available on iTunes, like her Try Me album and Sad Sweet Dreamer EP, if you want to hear how she sounds.

READ MORE: http://www.gamertell.com/technologytell/article/ayi-jihu-to-perform-in-adventurequest-worlds-fear-chaser-chronicles/



Plus, I can talk to the Chinese!

HERE: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/cambridgeshire/hi/people_and_places/newsid_8984000/8984734.stm



December 2011 ….


A Celebration of Women

is elated to announce that AYI JIHU – WOMAN of ACTION, will be celebrating

her ‘Inaugural Canadian Appearances’ with us here in Canada!



DECEMBER 15, 2011

A Celeration of Women Foundation Inc.’s youth Celebration

City Nightclub – 296 Richmond Street West ( open to public)






A Celebration of Women™

celebrates our very own WOMAN of ACTION

that lives a Life of Action

leading the charge and lighting the way for our world to live in ‘One Love’.



Brava Ayi Jihu !


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