NINA ROE ~ ‘Grieving Loved Ones‏’, this Sunday, October 23rd-10am EST.

Women of our World,

If you are not already a Silver Halo member of our Living with the Angels™, I’d like to extend an invitation to Sunday’s Sermon & Healing: Grieving Loved Ones.

Unhealed grief can seep into every aspect of life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many times it is obvious and right on the surface with sadness, depression and even anger. Other times, it goes unnoticed and is experienced as an overall cloud of “blah-ness”. If you or a loved one has experienced loss that is unresolved, the disharmony can feel corrosive. Working with the angels can help to restore harmony and hasten the healing.

You may have read in my email earlier this week that I’ve received guidance to make my Sermons & Healings more accessible to the general public. These are events that I’ve been offering to the Silver Halo members of our Living with the Angels™ membership and beginning this Sunday, everyone will have access to the live event taking place at 10am eastern on October 23rd. And if you’re not already a member and you’re not able to join us live, you will have access to listen to the recording on our website for 24 hours.

During the hour that we spend together, I will deliver a short sermon on grieving and then open the call to give counsel to those who step forward and ask for help with grief. Preference will be given to our Silver Halo members, although there is so much that can be learned by listening to the experiences, stories and advice given to others.

We will close the hour with a healing meditation to help participants heal through the grief and embrace deeper tranquility and peace.

To join us live this Sunday, October 23rd at 10am eastern for my:

Sermon and Healing: Grieving Loved Ones

use this link:

Use this same link to access the recording that will be available until noon on Monday, October 24th.

Silver Halo members will continue to have unlimited access to all downloadable recordings. If you are not a member and would like to take advantage of the unlimited access to this and all our past events, click here and join the Silver Halo level membership now.


As you are inspired, I invite you to share this event with friends and family…

Wishing you blessings of love, joy and abundance,

Rev. Nina

P.S. Coming in less than two weeks…our new websites!! Woooo hoooo!! xo

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