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We’ll be dealing with a vicious Cardinal grand cross that involves Mars (anger, violence, ambition), Saturn (oppression, control, reality), Uranus (shock and rebellion) and Pluto (death and psychology) this week. This is not a light-weight situation but anyone who is not adverse to challenge should fare okay.

This is potentially a very dangerous week but it won’t help to spend it hiding under the bed. Mars is happy with prowess and achievement so set some goals and stay on top your game. Surprise (Uranus) people with your intense focus (Pluto), discipline (Saturn) and skill (Mars).

In fact, you can make that your mantra for the week. Whatever happens, you can commit ahead of time to handling the situation in a way that is keen, effective and mature. If you’re successful with this, you’ll get to be a hero which is something everyone wants whether they admit it or not.

There are some finer points to make. First, Mercury is retrograde all week and opposing Neptune in retrograde. On top of that, both planets change signs this week so communications are going to be very hard to track.

When you overlay this situation with the grand cross, I think the best way to cope is to separate out what you can control and what you cannot. Focus on the former and this will spare you wasting (Neptune) time or words (Mercury) when there are so many other things to do.

I also want to call out the moon’s transit through Scorpio on Friday and Saturday because it will be especially stressed and add another layer to the scene this week. The Moon in Scorpio will form a Fixed T-square with the Sun and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus. At that point, every planet in the sky will be under duress. As for the qualities of this t-square, people will be stubborn to say the least. Fixed means fixed so if you run into someone with their heels dug in, I’d leave them be.

If you are looking for the easier days this week, mark Sunday and Monday on your calendar. The Moon will be in Sagittarius then, and enjoy considerable support from planets in Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Humor goes a long way.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P

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