TODD HEWITT: Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Today is just another day
on a calendar made by man

For all the days past
and still yet to come

Mourn not for me
but rejoice for your day will also come

It won’t be marked on a calendar
so plans need not be made

You see God has a plan

that has already been laid!


by the moonlight on a bright starry night

Perhaps on a bright sunny day
Perhaps in the Spring during a soft gentle rain

With death comes pain and most times grief
with tears of sadness and yes, some for relief

The pain and suffering is yet no more
for the loved one we’ve lost, only God’s keeping score

So cry not for me on this Mother’s Day,

be happy and rejoice
we’ll be together again someday

No need to mark your calendar

or try to plan ahead


Mommy loves you so trust in God and

He will surely lead the way!

Author_Reginald Todd Hewitt, 2011.

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