Rebecca Khan: 'To Ma, with Love'

To Ma, with Love



My mother is a true testament to the strength and fortitude of women who can tackle the toughest of situations when unexpectedly thrown in it. Having grown up in the lap of luxury and lucky to have led a equally charmed life post-marriage to my father, she did not have to tend to much outside domestic affairs but my, how well she took care of things in the realm of that world which included nurturing my sister and me, caring for her loving husband, creating a safe haven, and entertaining friends, family and dad’s colleagues with the utmost care and hospitality. She mingled as easily in any social gatherings as she did at formal official functions, accompanying my father. Her main forte was looking after household matters and she did it so graciously, effortlessly and lovingly like many women of her time.

However, all that changed when my family was blindsided by a huge upheaval in January 2002, a mere four months after my festive wedding. Once again, a grim reminder that life can change at light’s speed. My father suffered a stroke which would forever change our lives but understandably its’ impact would be felt most by none other than his constant companion. From that fateful time onwards, my mom has managed not only her day-to-day chores but moreover, taken on all aspects of the extended responsibilities which my father had basically sheltered and protected her from through much of their married life.

It was a rough and bumpy start, but she has fared well, surprising not just us kids but certainly herself and others who may have been skeptical. These tasks are often ten folds more challenging back home in a country where systems are often inefficient, time-consuming and riddled with innumerable roadblocks. Often, days come with frustration, despair and even loneliness but she marches on like a trooper. She has undertaken this new role tenaciously with gusto and determination and I have never been more proud.

Thank you, Ma, for showing me that all things are possible, no matter at what stage of life and always showering me with your blessings and love. I celebrate you every day!


By: Rebecca Khan

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