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On Sunday I was watching an interview with a young female golfer nicknamed, “Z” on CNN. I was intrigued. I never heard of Zakiya Randall. She is said to be one of the hottest driving forces in women’s golf and has ranked high or won almost every Golf Tournament or game played since she was 10 years old.

It is refreshing to know that this young woman is making waves in a sport that was always believed to be a man’s sport. Her accomplishments are quite inspiring. She won the Championship in her very first year of playing golf and was the Atlanta Junior Player of the Year after winning every tournament. She was crowned Champion at National Junior Tour Championship in Florida, 2003. She is the overall Georgia PGA Junior Tour Champion in 2005. She won 1st Place and became the youngest and only golfer from Atlanta to qualify for the U. S. Women’s Open Qualifier in 2006. She is the 1st Female to Win a 1st Place Championship Title against against an all amateur men field of players on the Golf Channel Tour.

Her hard work, independent will and love for the game of golf consistently is apparent to everyone who comes in contact with the golf star. She has been such an inspiration to not only girls and women but many men around the nation have picked up a golf club after reading about her and watching her play (

“She’s a champion on and off the course. She continually participates and gives back to women and girls organizations around the country” (



“Golf is addicting!


In an interview with Impulse Magazine, Zakiya shared why golf is her passion. Golf is addicting! You never quite figure it out. It is always something to work on and you can always get better. I also love the game because it teaches you about life and values. I get to have a lot of fun and to share the game with a lot of people young and old. I have been able to meet some very influential people and to travel to a lot of beautiful places” (

As I watched the interview I was struck by how young Zakiya looked. She is 19 years old now but she looked much younger. It is amazing that someone so young has accomplished so much. She is known worldwide and has appeared on the covers of several magazines including Essence, Ebony Magazine, Golf Week Magazine and Sports Illustrated to name a few. When she is not playing golf, she likes to write music and give back to the community.

In September 2008 She joined the Atlanta GoGirlsGo and Women’s Sports Foundation for Run Relay in September 2008 to help create awareness for programs & outreach to educate Young Girls and Women through Sports and Physical Activity. Zakiya inspires and motivates young girls to continue excelling. Zakiya gives motivational speech and Golf Clinic to GIRLS INCORPORATED providing millions of girls since 1864 to be Strong, Smart and Bold and live successful, independent and fulfilling lives. She continues to win, give back and be an inspiration to girls and people around the nation. Z gives back to charity, a champion and win in golf events and provides tips and instructions to National Girls Leadership Academy (

Zakiya is an inspiration not only for kids and youth but for all of us. She found her passion at a very young age and she pursued it. Her message to teens, “Find your passion” can apply to anyone. You are never too young or old to find your passion. Life is short for what ifs. We need to do what we love or are passionate about while we still can.


Find your passion and then live it!


Adele Butler, A Celebration of Women 2011.


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  1. Sorry – I meant – kudos for watching her and mentioning her – SHE REALLY IS A GREAT INSPIRATION!

  2. Thanks so much!

    Interviewing Z was great – she’s a spunky girl – with a great movement for Women! She is gracious – and focused.

    She’s incredibly talented and I was proud to have interviewed her – Kudos to your talk with her!

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for the pingback

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