Angels Heal – Message from the Angels for 2011‏



Happy New Year earth angels!


I have a special video for you about 2011.
 As I was recording this message, the angels helped me realize that if 2011 were to be summarized in one word, it would be TRUTH.
The energies coming in with 2012 are insistent upon truth and 2011 is getting us ready.



Please enjoy this “Wheel of the Year” angel reading

 using Toni Carmine Salerno’s beautiful Gaia Oracle cards.

(There’s a story behind the bunny, by the way.
When it’s time, I’ll share… smile!)


I’d also like to share with you the launching of a very special partnership I participated in last year, Self-Improvement Giveaway. There are tons of offers from talented professionals, most of them at no cost.

Check it out and enjoy the gifts!

Click on Self-Improvement Giveaway to check out the goodies!
What better time of year to focus on helping yourself?!
Blessings for a year full of Love, Joy and Abundance,

Rev. Nina


P.S. What new year’s resolution are YOUR angels suggesting?





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