WOMEN North of the Equator – Beating The Winter Time Blues with Ruby!


WOMEN with  ‘SADS’

(Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder)


For many, surviving the Winter Season is a major challenge….don’t beat yourself up if you find that ‘EVERYTHING’ is an effort these days, as it is for so many . This video will share with you some great ideas for assisting you in preventative measures to minimize your experience of SADS (Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder) this year of 2010. Hopefully, we can put some ‘rose coloured’ glasses on you during this winter season and you can enjoy a lovely pink hue in your visions; when staring out at the trees in your world.

Yes, yes, I know, most of you are saying: 

 “Another disorder? 

When will they stop?”


Well, look at life this way, our parents never had any disorders; they were simply miserable at certain times. 

Today, we have a choice, ‘to be or not to be’ is the question.  🙂


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Thanks to Ruby:  http://www.youtube.com/user/rubyvrom17

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