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In honour of (Canada) – National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women, we share this story with the Women of our World. Our Founder posted on a social networking wall a quasi mission statement for A Celebration of Women sharing how we use the tools of Social Networking for our Growth.  A lovely gentleman of the U.K. , named Leon Benjamin, added this story link as a follow-up reply to our comments about the Women .

Thank you, Leon!

Celebrating that Women are the vessels that birth and the glue that bonds,

that the Women of our World encourage people to take Responsibility for their Roles, Rise above the Challenges and Unite.


The Power of Unity, on a Global Level, can create Miracles!




Title of Article referred to….


‘Why Women have ruined the World….’


An article published this week in Management Issues calls for female leadership arguing that perhaps the testosterone male approach (that is; rape, pillage, plunder) may not be the kind of leadership we need in the 21st century.


“The dominance of a male, macho, risk-taking business culture is at the heart of the world’s economic woes – and knee-jerk rescue plans may be making things even worse”.


It’s prompted me to reproduce a post I wrote a few years ago derived from the uncompromising news produced by The Yellow Times which was forced off the web by the Republican war machine prior to US/UK invasion of Iraq. Paul Harris, a Canadian freelance journalist wrote an article called Why women have ruined the world.


In it he says;

“It has been my experience over a half century, most of that alive, that women tend to be much better people than men: more honest, more loyal, more caring, more thoughtful, more trustworthy, and much less dangerous. But women are to blame for the state of the world because they have utterly failed to take charge of it”.


He goes on to say;

“I am proposing a new world order – not that crap that George Bush the Elder was always talking about or even the biblical stuff that believers are always trying to force on others. I mean something real, something substantive; something designed to fix the mess we’re in. I am proposing a political movement whose sole purpose is to convince all the nations of the world to change their laws so that only women can hold political office.”


The article ends with;

“Think this is an idiotic notion? Then think on this: If men don’t run things, there is no Hitler. There is no Mussolini. There is no Napoleon. There is no Hirohito. There is no Attila. There is no Genghis Khan. There is no Inquisition. There are no Crusades. There is no Robert Mugabe. There is no Ariel Sharon. There is no Stalin. There is no George Bush; Wouldn’t that be a safer and happier world?”


 I happen to agree with him.

“When men are in power, the difference between rape and seduction is only a question of salesmanship. They exercise power in a manner that is actually weakness disguised as strength.”

In general, my experience of participating in online communities and social networks in the past few years is that despite their male dominance (in their early stages of development) the posture, attitude and expression of these communities are predominantly female. By this I mean people are genuinely welcoming, offer unsolicited benevolence, guidance and assistance and freely give the most valuable thing that anyone can give; their time. This isn’t normal for most of our male dominated organisations and institutions.



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