Courtney Leigh Hewitt – Taking Action: A Father’s Cry for Awareness!




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celebrates the Life of Courtney Leigh Hewitt, never to be forgotten or lived in Vain.

The passing of Courtney to the horrible viral disease of PML has inspired a devoted Team of empassioned people to enter Crusade mode, creating global Awareness of PML.

Long live the Spirit of Courtney Leigh Hewitt!



Central Florida Father and Grandfather

Raising Worldwide Awareness of PML



By corkeesdad
Orlando : FL : USA | Jun 29, 2010
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FEATURE: WOMAN of ACTION – Courtney Leigh Hewitt


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A grieving Central Florida Father and Grandfather of four small children, begins his own personal quest to raise,”WORLDWIDE AWARENESS of PML”, a very rare viral disease that affects different areas of the brain that controls the Nervous System. PML is caused by the JC Virus which lies dormant in 85 to 90% of our World’s population. That’s why it has become so important to raise the awareness necessary that will enable others around the world to recognize and obtain proper treatment before it’s too late. For his daughter Courtney Leigh Hewitt of Orlando, Florida, a single mother of four small children this was not the case!

At first sign of her symptoms, her own Infectious Disease Doctor didn’t know what PML was, nor had he ever heard of it! He actually had to Google it! Sadly, she was told to seek a Neurologist and assured her that her condition was not related to HIV and was merely neurological.

Weeks went by, almost two months without proper treatment until it was too late!

By the time PML was confirmed by another, better qualified,” Infectious Disease Specialist“, to much time had past. The required treatment was delayed and his daughter, Courtney at the age of 31, died of this horrible disease.

Had only the,” INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST,” been knowledgeable of PML, the outcome would have been different and perhaps four small children would still have their mother!

If you or someone you know and love has ever had the Chickenpox, has a weakened or compromised Immune System, you will definitely want to read this incredibly compelling true story!

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