What to Do After an Accident at Work

Every employer has a legal responsibility to safeguard their employees’ health and safety on site. After all, no-one should expect to experience a work-related injury or illness. It is therefore important for employees to take appropriate action following the event and to learn more about their rights. Find out what to do after an accident at work.

Receive a Full Medical Assessment

The first thing you must do is receive medical attention for the injury or illness sustained at work, even if you believe you have only experienced a minor injury, as that small accident could result in a lifelong medical condition. Immediate medical attention from a qualified medical practitioner could help you to make a speedy recovery. Always ask to see a first aider on site following an injury before visiting a doctor. If you have experienced a head injury, your judgment might be impaired, so you must visit a hospital. If in doubt regarding your health, attend the emergency room via ambulance.

Report a Workplace Accident to Colleagues Immediately

It is important to make your colleagues and manager immediately aware of an accident, especially if it occurred when working alone. Not only can this help to support a potential compensation case in the future, but it can also ensure no other members of staff experience an accident or injury on site. An accident report will prevent an employer from denying the event, so they will be accountable for their legal obligations. As a result, you can create a safer working environment for all your colleagues.

Take Photographic & Video Evidence

An employer may attempt to refute your accident at work claims, which could prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. It is therefore important to take photos or videos of your injury and the accident scene as soon as possible, so you will have undeniable evidence of the injury or illness you sustained due to their negligence.

Make a Claim

If you or a loved one experienced a serious or fatal accident at work, you have every right to seek compensation, even if you have a hazardous job. While the money cannot turn back the clock, it can help you recover any loss of income and medical bills caused by the injury. Recovering your finances could, therefore, help you to move forward with your life, while providing you with justice for your injury. Learn more about making a Fatal Injury Claim and how to start the process to a better, more comfortable life.

Ask a Trusted Colleague for Help

An employer may attempt to cover up the accident by changing equipment or processes while you make a recovery, which will be in a bid to thwart any legal or financial consequences. You should, therefore, ask a trusted colleague for help, as they might be willing to provide notes regarding any changes or conversations overheard. This will allow you to present accurate facts in court to prove you experienced a workplace accident.

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