ASIA, Women Leadership on rise in China

Across rural China, there is a transformation taking place. More and more women are stepping out of their traditional roles and into positions of power. UN TV (Multimedia) travelled to a remote region of China to meet women leaders who are shaping a new future for their country.

Pung Weiling talking to a group of women

For interest sake, here is a first hand report of our women in the Shanghai area of China. Excerpt from 5 Things the Foreign Media Gets Wrong About China

By Andrea Scarlatelli,

All Chinese women are oppressed

“This is one misconception I admit I struggled with when first moving here. My image of the quiet, obedient Chinese housewife was one that had been implanted in me from movies and books from an early age. Moving to Shanghai, however, quickly corrected that image! While China is unquestionably male dominated (as is most other countries and cultures), and there are still many places here, especially in the countryside, where women are seen as second class citizens, this country is on its way towards recognizing females as equals. Shanghainese women, especially, are certainly no wallflowers. I’ve witnessed plenty of instances where the Shanghainese women have the men running around like scared children (a funny, but also kind of scary scene). There’s even a town in Yunnan Province that’s entirely female dominated – the men, if they displease the women, run the risk of being kicked out of their homes without a cent to their names. So while gender rights have a long way to go here, China women are not quite the docile creatures the media makes them out to be.”

Women Leaders of China

Women leadership in China is on the rise.

With a growing field of talented, educated and ambitious women stepping up in the Chinese business world, Women Leaders of China is a premier platform for helping identify talent and address the issues that these leaders face in China.

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