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The UN Women Training Centre would like to invite you to join the recently renewed and updated Community of Practice, previously managed by UN INSTRAW (now UN Women). This online community and platform aims to support the informed discussion and reflection on the current trends of training and capacity development for gender equality, the collection and dissemination of good practices and the identification of institutions, opportunities and resources for training for gender equality at the global level.

The UN Women Training Centre (TC) in Santo Domingo is envisioned to become the UN leading centre of excellence in training for gender equality and will support articulation and knowledge exchange among gender training specialists and other relevant groups and the development of tools and materials in the area of training for gender equality. The UN Women TC will offer training for gender equality and women’s empowerment to UN Women staff, UN agencies, as well as government, civil society and partners. The gender capacity-development programmes will range from basic and introductory levels to specialized and advanced levels, aimed at diverse audiences with different backgrounds. It will also support the documentation of existing good practices and innovative processes, as well as discussion and analysis of training methodologies and approaches aiming to contribute to ongoing capacity development as a concrete means for achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. In terms of capacity-development strategies and techniques, the TC will make maximum use of on-line training techniques, paying special attention to e-learning courses and an active learning approach.

In this context, the Community of Practice on Training for Gender Equality (CoP) will provide an open forum for dialogue on new and emerging issues related to training and capacity development processes, as well as a platform for articulation and knowledge exchange between training for gender equality practitioners, gender equality specialists, and other key stakeholders from all around the world. For this reason, all activities will take place in English, Spanish and French. JOBS

Activities will include virtual dialogues on the priority areas of UN Women, discussions of conceptual frameworks and methodologies for training for gender equality; collective development of an extensive database of training institutions, courses, materials and experts; collection and discussion of good practices in capacity development for gender equality; and participatory development of related documents.

In the CoP Platform, you will find 6 different spaces; one for each UN Women strategic area: Violence Against Women, Peace and Security, Leadership and Participation, Economic Empowerment, National Planning and Budgeting and Millennium Development Goals.

Please, join the community and enroll in as many areas as you would like. Each space contains an open forum for discussion. We look forward to reading your views on which are the gaps and the specific needs on training for gender equality in these six strategic areas.

Please, feel free to participate in English, Spanish or French, as you prefer. These forum discussions will guide the planning of forthcoming CoP virtual dialogues and other activities.

Taking into account your professional expertise and knowledge in this field, as well as your commitment to the achievement of gender equality, UN Women Training Centre is pleased to invite you to be part of this online community. Please, feel free to share this invitation with other interested colleagues. We look forward to your important contributions and to meeting and sharing with you online!

Best regards,

Clemencia Muñoz Tamayo
Chief Training Center UN WOMEN
Santo Domingo

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Once logged in you will see in the Home section the open forums for each one of UN Women’s Focus Areas. Click on the one you desire to participate in. Click on the question again to post reply in the language of your preference.


We have opportunities in the following areas:

Millennium Development Goals (25)
Democratic Governance (68)
Poverty Reduction (16)
Environment and Energy (24)
Crisis Prevention and Recovery (11)
Women’s Empowerment (28)
Management (62)

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