JOBS: The UN Women Training Centre (CoP), Training for Gender Equality!

The UN Women Training Centre would like to invite you to join the recently renewed and updated Community of Practice, previously managed by UN INSTRAW (now UN Women). This online community and platform aims to support the informed discussion and reflection on the current trends of training and capacity development for gender equality, the collection and dissemination of good practices and the identification of institutions, opportunities and resources for training for gender equality at the … [Read more...]

Camille Brockman, Digital Information and the Criminal Justice System

Digital Information and the Criminal Justice System An effective criminal justice system demands access to information in a timely manner. In fact, in many situations, having that crucial piece of the puzzle may be the difference between life and death. In the aftermath of 9/11, federal, state, and local agencies stressed the need for information sharing and accessibility. Since then, several initiatives have been developed to further improve access to information and encourage all … [Read more...]

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