Celebrating the Battle of Patay (18 June 1429) – Joan of Arc Victory

Today we celebrate the anniversary of Joan's great victory at the Battle of Patay, which was the most overwhelming victory that she achieved in her brilliant military career. After the battle of Orleans the English military leaders were concerned but still confident they could defeat the French when they engaged in combat. After the overwhelming victory by Joan of Arc at Patay the English leaders realized they were in serious trouble and that Joan was a real military commander to be … [Read more...]

Joan of Arc, the Pilgrimage, the Prophecy! * Details of Trip- MAY 3013

    Celebrating post 600th Anniversary!   up-date from ...       PILGRIM WITNESSES:   Greetings!    Time is flying by now. FYI, the final details for the Joan of Arc pilgrimage of 2012 are now posted on our website.  Here's the introduction:   -Joan of Arc and Prophet-French Pilgrimage, The dates will be May 15 thru May 27, 2013. Celebrating Joan of Arc’s 601th Anniversary   God willing, in May 2013, we will lead our sixth pilgrimage to France (our fifth … [Read more...]

SHIRLEE HALL – Spiritual Healer: One Supreme Creator

     One Supreme Creator      We have heard a great deal about change and destruction. Change is part of life and turmoil continues to exist because true spirituality for most people has long been forgotten.     We are watching it.     As we move closer to our time of liberation, conscious oneness with God, there will be natural disorders as well as human disorder.    Behind the breakdown, is unity.      Behind the violence of spiritual ignorance is a slow awakening of an … [Read more...]

One Million of Yemen’s Poorest Women and Children

    Women of Yemen are suffering...         One Million of Yemen’s Poorest Women and Children to Receive Health Services in Remote Areas     Date: Feb 2011 — Around a million women and children in the poorest rural and urban slum areas of Yemen will be the first priority of a World Bank-supported effort to decrease child mortality and increase the well being of mothers. Many of these women and children have not before been reached by any health services. The $35 million Yemen … [Read more...]

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