ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…

  Valentine's Day: Social, Not Superficial - Pain and Loss‏     There is quite a bit of stress heading into the weekend as some push for change while others dig their heels in and resist. With the Moon in Taurus, rushing people will be counterproductive. Respecting a person's individuality and the time it takes them to do something, think something, get from here to there, makes more sense.   People also experience this conflict internally. They're stubborn and trying to move ahead. Greed may be … [Read more...]

Cortney Litwin – Celebrating Your FEBRUARY Forcast

Your February Forecast   February 1-28, 2011  The airy energy from multiple Aquarius-Libra connections is sure to energize socializing for most of the month. There will be plenty of opportunities to flirt, laugh and enjoy moments with your lover and friends. It’s an appropriate vibe for the month that hosts Valentine’s Day.   Feel the love and share your heart!     Transit Tales The New Moon conjunct Mars in friendly Aquarius on February 2 can intensify your desire to connect with friends, … [Read more...]

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