VERONICA, Recently Crossed Family and Friends

For Those of You Missing Recently Crossed Family and Friends "For those of you missing recently crossed family and friends, it is of great importance to understand their now clear perspective of physical life. After a period of contemplation, where they confer with their guides about the progress of their own soul, they become more able to look at the bigger picture. There is a clarity of what is important to evolution, and what is simply drama. We are often asked … [Read more...]

April Crawford, Spiritual and Metaphysical Studies – Woman & Spirituality

Frequent Questions About How Readings Work   An article by Facilitator, Allen   As Facilitator for April Crawford, I receive and respond to all inquiries and questions related to having a personal reading/consultation with VERONICA. While most emails are simply about scheduling, there are a number of questions that come up over and over.   The reasons that people talk with VERONICA are quite varied, but include: 1) Romantic and Family Relationships 2) Personal and … [Read more...]

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