SUMMIT PHOTOS – memories …

...the Stage is Set .... Master of Ceremony, Tom Corrigan and welcome speaker, Monika Burwise plan and prepare for the stage .... ...the Women are waking up ... ...DR. LORETTA CHEN wakes up the women of our world, during morning start. ...ALL the way from SOUTH AFRICA - Rosetta Stander and Mama Zuma are loved by all !!! The FWORD'S FANTASY Vignette rocks room to the core with her expose on the sufferings of Human Trafficking ...DWAYNE … [Read more...]

UN Women – Pro-women laws take hold in Pakistan

Pro-women laws take hold in Pakistan   Women in Pakistan have faced formidable challenges in their efforts to achieve gender equality and address gender-based violence in their country, with particular problems posed by elements among customary norms and practices. Yet throughout the past few years, breakthroughs in pro-women legislation have shown that both the efforts of Pakistan’s government, and the advocacy of groups working toward women’s empowerment in the country, are … [Read more...]

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