How to Talk to Pre-Teens About Having a Healthy Body Image

How to Talk to Pre-Teens About Having a Healthy Body Image During the preteen years, your child’s body is growing and changing in ways that can make her feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Puberty can leave kids a bit heavier than they were before and can wreak havoc with their already-delicate self-esteem until their body image is skewed to an unhealthy point. Talking to your preteen about anything can be a bit difficult, as she is learning to navigate the world of adult social interactions … [Read more...]

MOM, 10 Signs your child needs deodorant !

The milestones in a child’s life can come upon us unexpectedly, even when we anticipate them. One of these events that creeps up on parents is the dawn of pubescence. When our children’s bodies begin to change, we may not really notice until something catches us blatantly off guard. Body odor, for example, can be missed for a while before it becomes obvious that the kid is in need of help. For those parents who might be concerned about not catching it from the outset, here are a few tell-tale … [Read more...]

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