WORLD AIDS DAY celebrated DEC 1 in UK!

1 December 2013 is World AIDS Day and is the day that promotes talking about HIV and attempts to spread information about the disease. By talking about HIV it is hoped that the secrecy surrounding it is eradicated.   Greater understanding about HIV and AIDS means less prejudice and better prevention. HIV is a disease that attacks the body's immune system and affects the ability to fight infection and disease.   AIDS develops when the immune system can no longer fight infections that can … [Read more...]

Feb 7 celebrates National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

On Thursday, February 7, 2013, our nation will again recognize National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD).  DOWNLOAD MP3. Since 2008, this blog has helped us share information and link to resources for HIV/AIDS Awareness Days. In 2013, we continue to blog about NBHAAD, including drawing on additional new media tools (Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , etc.) Every year we look back at past blog posts to remind us where we have been and where we need to go in using new media in our … [Read more...]

The Title X Family Planning Program, a response to HIV

The Title X Family Planning Program, administered by the HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA) provides funding to more than 4,000 service delivery sites across the country to support voluntary, confidential, and low-cost education, counseling, testing, and related preventive health services that allow individuals and couples to plan and space births. The family planning service sites funded through this program are key allies in the nation’s response to HIV, providing family planning and … [Read more...] – Content Syndication: Amplifying Our Message‏

  The practice of syndicating content isn’t new, but certainly it’s an idea whose time has come. Communicators will tell you: if you want to extend the reach of your messages, make sure they are consistent – and repeat them often across many channels. HIV/AIDS partners can reach more people on-line by working together to create shared content to syndicate among ourselves. When content is created once, but republished across Web sites, more people see key health messages and Web … [Read more...]

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