Transformation is a Mysterious Journey ~ Worth the Walk

... expanding into higher levels of consciousness ...     Much like the cater­pil­lar who has woven a cocoon around him­self to trans­form into some­thing beau­ti­ful, I too feel as though I have gone inside to become some­thing that more closely reflects my True Self … With the tran­si­tional energy that 2012 holds, it would seem, stronger than ever, that now is a per­fect time to seize the moment and trans­form our lives in more ways than one. Change is in the air, as … [Read more...]


Dreams "In each life, souls incarnate with a plan in mind. During the course of that life these plans often surface as mental images known in the culture as dreams. We realize that some define dreams as a series of thoughts and images occurring involuntarily while sleeping. Of course, this does occur, however, we would also wish you to consider voluntary dreaming as well. Take time each day with a deliberate intention to revisit your dreams. Make them an active part of … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Spiritual Messages, The Results May Amaze You!

A New Message From VERONICA The Results May Amaze You! "In the current moment of this particular time-frame it is most easy to step into despairing thoughts. Reality has a way of coming after your well being when it is allowed to run rampant without control. In bad times it is important to retain the validity of your own thoughts. Clearly, the impact of others participating in negative processes can lead the most powerful energies to slip upon the slope … [Read more...]

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