Managing The Anxieties Of Being A Leader

Managing The Anxieties Of Being A Leader   Sometimes, fear and anxiety can overwhelm us when we have to be a leader. Being a leader requires the ability to lead people in doing a certain task. This can sometimes be a little scary. As a result, here is list of ways in how to reduce the fear and anxiety of being a leader. Understand that you need to know what the task is that needs to be accomplished. Knowing what you must do is important and can save you a lot of time and stress. … [Read more...]

UN Women celebrates first Woman head of African Union Commission

Celebrating first Woman head of African Union Commission Statement by Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women "UN Women welcomes the election of Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of South Africa as Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the first woman to hold the post. In taking this decision, African leaders took a step forward to advance women’s leadership and representation. It is well-known that women leaders bring their own unique perspective and insights to … [Read more...]

The Voice vs the Brain

“Have you ever had 'that' moment in your life where you knew that you were not doing what you were supposed to be doing?” You must Take Action to hear it, listen to it and act on it ... :) It would be a fearful split second when you swore you heard a Voice; yet, were so overwhelmed with fear to share the experience with anyone that you secretly stored it in the attic of your mind. Having decided to do this, you stifled this Voice to a point of combustion forcing a series of … [Read more...]

Young women leaders celebrated in Gaza

October 2011 Gaza Almost 200 young women in Gaza last week celebrated their graduation from an UNRWA programme that provides young female graduates with the skills needed by the labour market in Gaza – and helps prepare them to be leaders in their communities. The 172 participants were the first graduates of UNRWA’s Young Women Leaders Programme (YWLP), which the Gaza gender initiative launched in January 2011. With the unemployment rate in Gaza at unprecedented levels, particularly … [Read more...]

Women Leadership: Strategies for Success, Series start October 12, 2011

Women's Leadership: Strategies for Success Series starts October 12, 2011 Join other women on the fast-track to senior federal leadership positions and develop strategies for success that capitalize on distinctive female strengths while avoiding potential pitfalls. In a tailored, nine-month program, women across federal agencies will strengthen their leadership and explore how to ascend the ladder of success while maintaining authenticity and balance. The Strategies for … [Read more...]

PMO(Canada) – Taking Action to protect Religious Freedom in Canada!

      PM participates in round table on security with Coptic Christian leaders   Condemns international violence against Coptic Christians and commits to protecting religious freedom in Canada.   Ours is a nation of tolerance and plurality, and I want Coptic Christians to know that Canadians stand behind their community and their right to practice their faith in safety and security, free of persecution. This is a universal human right, and one which our Government is committed to … [Read more...]

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