Reignite Your Interest in Making Love!,

Reignite Your Interest in Making Love! (Not interested in enriching your sex life. DON’T READ THIS!) When was the last time you told your partner what you like when making love? A recent survey by condom-maker Durex revealed that while 84% percent of couples admit their sex life would improve if they told their partner what they really wanted in bed, 14 percent of women never talk about it. How sad. If you're like a lot of women, you've started to treat sex as though it's optional. … [Read more...]

Hey, Guys! What Have You Done for Your Sweetheart Today?

Are you a guy who says, “I Love you” by doing small favors for your darling without her having to ask? That’s a good thing. You are on the right track. It’s the little surprises that you do that serves up a reminder that cause her to feel deeply appreciated and loved. Harry Reis, PhD, professor of psychology at University of Rochester, studied 175 recently wed couples. He found that grand romantic gestures and declarations of everlasting love are not the secrets to marital bliss – it’s the … [Read more...]

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