Charmaine Hammond, Toronto JUNE 3

Holistic Chamber of Commerce event in Toronto on June 3. I’ll be speaking about how to find corporate partners and champions to fund your mission and dreams. Please see the information about the event below. I thought this event might be of interest to you, would love to see you there." Imagine your clothing, printing and travel being provided by another business! Charmaine will show you how to do this for your business. Charmaine Hammond is an international best-selling award … [Read more...]

Healers, Helpers and Guides: Stormy Times – The True Gift

Every event in our life serves a purpose and provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes, when we don't yet understand this, we blame others and move away from the lesson, rather than walk through the pain with an open heart. In her book, Healers, Helpers and Guides: Stormy Times - The True Gift, Bertie looks back at the experiences in her life, the adversities, that actually prepared her for her purpose and mission. As she shares her inner journey with an enormous depth … [Read more...]

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