Women shareholders in Jamaica’s board rooms

In a world where business is still dominated by men, a new coalition in Jamaica is working to open up boardrooms to women and work together to find their leadership potential. Of the 53 companies listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), women make up just 17.36 per cent of board directors, with ten of the companies having no women on their boards at all. Addressing this lack of equity at its very root, a coalition of women in Jamaica has chosen to act. “Given the ability of many … [Read more...]

Victims Without a Voice – 18 month old dies from RAPE – Take Action!

- Fighting child sexual abuse - "18-month old baby boy died of internal damage after being raped" "I am not sure which of the following story is more painful; the pain of the children without a voice OR the spiritual condition of the souls inside these perpetrators, brutally pillaging INNOCENCE. WHAT compels a grown man to violently hurt a child let alone penetrate and violate through RAPE?" KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 2012 – A nine-year old boy was systematically raped by his … [Read more...]

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