Sarah Thomson – WOMAN of ACTION

A Celebration of Women is honored to Celebrate the Life of one Toronto, CANADA'S Amazing Women, that started out young and never stopped... a true living example of NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. WOMAN of ACTION Sarah Thomson   Sarah Thomson is a social entrepreneur who was born in Toronto in 1968. Her childhood was spent in an eclectic and culturally rich household with two artistic parents who had a strong love for each other and their children. Sarah left home … [Read more...]

Risky climate for women candidates in Afghan elections

Risky climate for Women Candidates in Afghan elections   Political hopeful Robina Jalali represented her country at the Beijing Olympics In a crowded Kabul bazaar, Robina Jalali is campaigning for parliament. In her silk headscarf and make-up, she stands out from the women around her - some dressed head to toe in full burka. Robina Jalali is an unconventional Afghan woman, by any standards. The last time she ran for her country was at the Beijing Olympics - as a sprinter. She is … [Read more...]

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