Strength is from within…after divorce – WOMEN in RECOVERY

  Strength is from within...after divorce   If you are recently divorced, you are facing many challenges, even if the divorce was your idea. You have the financial adjustment, adjustment to single parenting, possible conflicts with your former spouse, helping your children adjust to the visitation schedule, and the list goes on. If you are not a religious person, what source of strength do you draw from during those challenges? The answer may be something you have not considered … [Read more...]


A Celebration of Women is ... a global women's advocacy organization that is on a mission to educate, inspire and motivate the Women of our World to Take Action in their own lives. This statement includes taking responsibility for our own decisions, errors in judgement and mistakes. Contributing to to an UN-healthy environment for the children we birth is NOT an acceptable practice for anyone, regardless of circumstance. NO EXC-- USES EXIST. Regardless of circumstance, as painful as it may … [Read more...]

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