Change is Good – Reasons Why‏

CHANGE IS GOOD We use reasons to explain away why we don't want to do something different; reasons why we don't want to change. If we know that doing something different might help the situation, not doing something different is called "stupid." The best reason why has never solved the problem. Often reasons why are understandable, however what is not understandable is why we feel the need to have our lives dominated by reasons why we didn't do something different instead of focusing on … [Read more...]

Relationships – Change is Good,

"To achieve the kind of relationship you would like and have never had before, you must become someone you have never been before!" – Larry James In other words, YOU can change because you choose to change. Your partner will only change when they choose to change. So many men and women do their best to try to change their partner. That does not and cannot work! People only change because they want to change. Changing how you feel about your relationship and your partner … [Read more...]

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