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Shirlee Hall – Now Is the Time

Now Is the Time Tired of struggling, waiting and watching? Tired of feeling alone in your efforts? Tired of not knowing the future and what it will bring? Stop and listen and listen well Stop and take a close look at what you are Stop and believe that all is in order. Begin to see clearly by stepping out of your way Begin to feel differently by changing the chatter Begin to listen to a New Song, a Song of Hope. Now is the time you must be in control Now is the time when … [Read more...]

Resilience in Women – WOMEN in RECOVERY

Resilience in Women     Sustainable Self-Esteem One of the terms that is often used when considering how we cope collectively with the triple challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic meltdown is “resilience”. It seems we would benefit from cultivating this collectively at the levels of local community, at a national level and globally.Whenever we attempt to establish resilience at a community level (any sort of community, whether this is your household, the town … [Read more...]

A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. – JOIN OUR LIST

  Mission Statement   “A Celebration of Women is a Global Women’s Advocacy Organization created to Celebrate our Women Leaders and inspire all Women to Step up and Take Action! "   A Celebration of Women Advocacy organization is now accessing the Women of our World in 210 countries around our globe….a true Celebration !!! "   The Birth of our CHARITY STATUS through A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc.,{TX.#815280805} is a miracle that has happened to … [Read more...]


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