Tips for Women Going into Rehab

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When it’s time for you or someone you love to commit to sobriety and begin their journey of recovery, it’s already a difficult time. You don’t want to add more pressure to the situation. Instead, it’s necessary to make going into rehab as seamless as possible. Getting treatment is the only thing that you or your loved one should be worried about, and luckily there is plenty of good treatment out there.

As a woman, you might want to make sure that you’re as comfortable as you can be for experience. It’s all about recovery. You don’t want to have to worry about being a woman, safety, or judgment that may arise. Below are some tips for women going into rehab that could help you or your loved one heal and start your sobriety journey.

Find the Right Facility

When you are going into addiction treatment, you should be sure to find the right rehab center. You don’t want to worry that you aren’t getting the access you need to counselors, dual diagnosis, and psychological assistance. A lot of women would prefer to go to a facility that only treats women, but that’s just the beginning.

It’s also necessary to decide whether the person requires dual diagnosis treatment. If you don’t know, dual diagnosis is when the facility takes mental health into account. A large portion of the people who struggle with drug addiction are also going through a mental health issue. Even if you don’t know that you have an underlying disorder or trauma that needs to be dealt with, it is common to self-medicate. Choosing a facility that approaches recovery with dual diagnosis is a good place to start.

Furthermore, you will also need to decide on inpatient vs outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment doesn’t require the person to stay overnight, which could be comforting for a lot of women but a lot of people trying to stop using drugs and alcohol need to be in a place away from temptation. Both can work, but it’s important to decide what’s right for you.

You should also think about the location where you will go to treatment. Often it’s a good idea to get away from your current surroundings and the environment that you are used to. Whether you are looking for a rehab center near Ogden, Utah or outside of Los Angeles, there are options to help you find the perfect place to heal.

Talk to your Family & Friends

If you need help and can’t do it alone, talking to your friends and family could be the biggest difference between recovery and staying in the cycle of addiction. Speaking to

the people in your life can provide a sense of comfort and support that you need during this time. Have the people in your life tried to get you to be sober before?

You might not have been ready, but when you are serious about recovery your family and friends will likely support you. Specifically, talk to the other women in your life. Drinking too much, using drugs, and getting sober are all a little different for women than they are for men. Get support from your lady friends.

Look for a Sober Women’s Community

Whether you have already been to rehab or don’t have a physical dependence, looking for a sober women’s community will help you find the love and support you need during this time. Your life doesn’t stop when you get sober. It’s imperative to find ways to connect with people and engage with those who are going through a similar experience. Finding the right meetings, engaging with women in the sobriety community, and taking a holistic approach to life will all help you stay sober and happy.

Only Tell Work What They Need to Know

While you might need to take some time off work if you are still working, you should only tell them what they need to know. The judgment on women is higher than it is for men who go into recovery. People might not understand, especially if you’ve hid your problem well. You might need to tell your work something, but only tell them what they need to know.

Starting rehab is never easy, but there are ways to facilitate the process. When you’re a woman who is going into treatment, there are a few ways to make it more conducive to health, happiness, and a promising future.

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