Pelvic Floor Pain – Common Ways to Find Relief

Having to suffer from unbearable pain is very unfortunate. Much more so if the pain is anywhere within the pelvic floor, which is a group of muscles in the pelvic area. These pelvic floor muscles enable the seamless bowel and bladder movements. Extreme pain and dysfunction in this area oftentimes result to immobility and a poor quality of life.

The first line of action usually taken by many in extreme pain is to take an oral medication such as over-the-counter pain relievers. While this may immediately alleviate the pain, it is best to consult with medical professionals who are experts in the field because they have the means to provide an accurate dose based on their diagnosis. A physical therapist in Philadelphia who specialize in chronic orthopedic dysfunctions even look into a more integrated and holistic approach, rather than solely relying on medications.

Thus, it is best to seek for common, but alternative ways to find relief from pelvic floor pain, apart from taking pain relievers.


While the thought of exercising when under severe pain can be daunting, moving and stretching can be a great and effective way to alleviate the pain in the pelvic floor. Moderate exercise will stimulate the blood flow and release the hormones that make you feel good naturally, which are also referred to as the endorphins. The endorphins are actually the body’s natural painkillers.

Heat It Up

A hot compress or a hot bath may also help relieve the pain because heat increases blood flow, much like an exercise does. It is recommended to sit in a tub of warm water, especially during moments of flare-up when moving is simply not possible. A heating pad or a warm compress situated on top of your belly as you lie down can also do wonders.

Clear your Mind

As the popular saying goes, the body can achieve what the mind can conceive. Thereby, it can help to relax and clear your mind to reduce stress and tension you feel in your body. During better days, it is best to delve into yoga and meditation, which is not only a form of exercise for the body, but an exercise for the mind as well.


Overall, perhaps a lifestyle change is already necessary. If you are a smoker, for instance, it would probably best to ditch the habit because nicotine inflames the nerves, which triggers the sensation of pain. In the same manner, if you are tipping the scales, perhaps it is best to lose some excess pounds. Being overweight means that your lower body experiences more tension in supporting your upper body. Thereby, keeping an effort to maintain your ideal body weight can also help relieve pelvic floor pain.

While pelvic floor pain may truly be unbearable, there are already numerous ways to alleviate the pain and bring some comfort and relief. It is also best to seek the advice of a medical professional to ensure that you are being cared for by the experts. The proper advice and care will also prevent the pain from aggravating later on.

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