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While they don’t often get the credit for it, women have had just as much of a role shaping the world we know today as men. Society tends to only talk about the achievements of men, but even that is starting to shift as we all get a healthier perspective and appreciation for the female role.

Ignoring the achievements of women today is not only nearly impossible, but foolish, as you would be missing out on a large portion of human triumphs. While our society has had a lot of ups and downs, it would be so much worse if it weren’t for these pioneering and brave women who faced down adversity without flinching because they knew it would improve the world for the better.

So here is a list of some of the most remarkable women ever to grace the history books:

Susan B. Anthony – One of the most important advocates of the women’s suffrage movement, Susan B. Anthony championed many other civil rights causes as well such as the abolition of slavery, as well as women’s working rights. She was a true crusader of her time that made many of the things happening today possible.

Clara Barton – Another one of many great women who broke boundaries, Barton was a Civil War nurse who saved many lives, and also the founder of the great American Red Cross. During the Civil War Barton ran several hospitals on the front lines in Virginia, building a name for herself. She used her reputation and influence to help found the humanitarian project the Red Cross, and the rest is history.

Harriet Tubman – In a time when it was very difficult to be both black, and a woman, Harriet Tubman still managed to make a big impact by being a slave abolitionist and spy for the Union Army during the civil war. An escaped slave herself, Tubman helped lead hundreds of slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad. She also conducted many spy missions for the Union Army. Her capture would have assuredly led to her death, but she carried on anyway, and was vital in helping the Union achieve victory.

Mary Edwards Walker – Another great woman born of the conflict of the American Civil War, Mary Walker offered her services as a surgeon during one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the country. Mary was once captured by the Confederate army, and had to spend about 6 months in a POW camp, where she repeatedly was told to wear more, “womanly attire”. She refused even then,becoming a model for feminism everywhere.

Marie Curie – The famous scientist won not one, but two Nobel prizes for her work! Curie did a lot of studies on radioactivity, which won her the first of her two prizes in the category of physics. Curie would go on to win another Nobel for her study of polonium and radium in chemistry. She was a successful female scientist in a time where many considered the science discipline a strictly male profession.

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